The Canyon AO // 11.27.21 // 44 degrees // QIC: BetaMax // PAX: Spreadsheet(hate!), Q-tip(Respect), TC (Respect!), Stapler, Santiago (Hate!), Waffle House

Warm O Rama – BOMBS

Blast Off’s

Overhead Claps




Pre-Thang 1 – Thunderstruck (AMRAP of below until song ends)
Two minutes of circle squat jumps (one at a time – hold Al Gore while waiting)Two minutes of circle merkins (one at a time – hold plank while waiting)

Pre-Thang 2 – Suicides (about a football field worth but in a parking lot)
Sprint to cone, jog back (each round is a further away cone)Do burpees until everyone has returned

Pre-Thang 3 – String Of Pearls
Jog – Stop & exercise (PAX rotated leadership and each chose an exercise at each station – everyone got a turn)
Pre-Thang 4 – Light Tabata x 4 rounds
30 Seconds on / 10 seconds recovery x 2 rounds
Mountain climbers

Jump TucksSSH

Apollo Onos

Thang 5 – 4 stations Heavy Tabata – one minute at each (Sprint to each) – repeated until Omaha (about 24 mins)
1 – 60 x 60 (60 seconds of burpees w/ sandbag) – regular burpees for others – trade off next round2 – Kettle bell swings 3 – Overhead press / bicep curls / tricep extensions (rotate each round) – using coupon 4 – Air squats 

6MOM – 1 minute of each exercise

Reverse Outlaws

Sweat Angels or flutter kicks

Big Boys

Low Dollys

*COT, announcements and prayer requests were delivered during 6MOM to make better use of time.**Prayers were done AFTER Name-O-Rama

As we approach the giving season, let us take time to be thankful for all that we have.  If you have four walls with a roof, clothing, heat, running water and food you are rich to those lacking.  Let us reflect on our basic needs and be grateful for our blessings and then seek to bless others with our abundance. 

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