The Mess Hall Backblast


Weather = 24 degrees, mild swirling breeze.

PAX· (7) Dirty Bird, MMKKKK,  Huffy, Griswold,  Ice Hot, Cosmo,  Rosetta,

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I arrived early to enjoy the lights city and brisk air.   At 5:30 with 7 PAX present, I  went through the intro including the welcome, 5 core principles, disclaimer and mission statement.  I reminded them of the date (12·7·21) and the significance of what happened on this day 80 years ago at Peart Harbor

WARM·A·RAMA following mosey to the end of the parking lot.

Tappy taps

Big Ones

Sun Gods F/B SSH

All 15 reps during  which Huffy questioned my choice of wearing short socks.


We then jogged south on 85th St where were proceeded  to run “Huffy  Hill” (Broadmoor Dr.) 5x with 20 merkins at the top each time.  Next we continued around  the Mess Hall on Harney St and entered  the playground area from the West.

The Thang:

We paired up with one PAX performing  a wall squat while his partner  crawled around the 3 point line in a plank position, performed 15 dips/merkins and then jumped  (forward/backward) or side jumped  the opposite 3 point line.

Omaha was called at 6:03.



25 flutter kicks

25 big boys

10 second plank hold as counted by each Pax

41 American Hammers to remember Pearl Harbor


CSUAP is coming· get ready!   1/29/21 !!

Prayer requests:

Prayers for Martin and Marlin and all service men/women and their families.

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