PAX: Gator, Yogi, Speed Square, Blades of Glory, Unicycle, Cheap Seats, Crab Cakes, Chippendale, Mr. Miyagi, Obi-wan, Rowdy, Sasquatch, Vandelay (Respect), Pothole, Fine Print, Escobar, Tonight Show, Yodel, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

19 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer. To get out of the wind we moseyed over to the valley below the hill for Warm-a-rama.

Warm-a-rama consisted of 15 IC each: SSH, Tappy Tap, Imperial Walkers, and Cherry Pickers


We stayed together as a group in the valley to grind through our THANKFUL Beatdown.

T – Turk and Burp – 10

H – Heels to Heaven – 15 IC

A – Alternating Lunges – 15 IC

N – Not so Lazy Boys – 10

K – Kraken Burpees – 10

F – Flutter Kicks – 15 IC

U – Up Downs – Q’s choice

L – Lap around site


T – T Merkin – 15

H – Hurpees – 10

A – Alternating Shoulder Tap – 15 IC

N – Nolan Ryans – 10 each side IC

K – Knerkins – 10

F – Freddy Mercury – 15 IC

U – Up Downs – Q’s Choice

L – La La Leggy – 20 each

“Omaha” was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags. 

6MOM consisted of Hammers, Rancid Style.

Circle of Trust:

Gratitude – The quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Benefits of Gratitude

Emotional: Makes us happier, increases our psychological well-being, Enhances our positive motions, increases our self esteem

Social: make people like us, improve romantic relationships, improve friendships, increase social support, strengthen family relationships in times of stress,

Personality: More optimistic, increase spiritualism, more giving, reduced materialism

Career: more effective leaders, reduce impatience and improve decision making, find meaning in work, reduce turnover, improve work related stress

Health: reduce depression, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, increase frequency of exercise


Barn Door

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