12/4/2021, 6:00am | The PIT | Omaha, NE| 34 degrees. Clear and slightly windy, Feels like 28 degrees

“Be Prepared”

# of PAX: 13


Pre-Pre-Run: Trench, Zorro, Tony The Tiger, KOA

Pre-Run: Swiper, Tony The Tiger, Chernobyl, Trench, Borat, KOA, Zorro

KOA welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the mission to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership. We had no new FNGs.

KOA went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.
1) Open to ALL men.
2) Always Free.
3) Always held outdoors
4) Lead in a rotating fashion
5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT)

6:02-6:06am Warm-O-Rama
PAX moseyed to goose poop island now converted into a winter wonderland. We performed 20 side straddle hops IC, 10 Windmills IC, 10 Sungod’s forward and backward IC, and 20 Mountain Climbers IC. This concluded the Warm-O-Rama.

6:06-6:47am The Thang
PAX counted off into 4 groups of 3. Each group of 3 picked up a coupon and moseyed to the gated football field passing the coupon off as needed. We held a plank to the 6. 3 PAX teams then aligned themselves on the field with one PAX on the near sideline doing Carolina Dry Docks, one on the far sideline doing Makhtar N Dye’s, and the third performing rifle carries with the coupon as the push man. Mild complaining ensued. “Are you trying to kill us?” from one PAX member. After about 10 minutes we picked up the coupons as a group and moseyed once again.

This time we jogged with the coupons to the papio bay soccer fields. Here there were cones set up 20 yards apart. PAX split up with one man on the line doing monkey humpers, one man at the cone doing alternating lunges, and the push man doing murder bunnies to push. PAX mumblechattered about the football championship weekend and what would happen with all the coaching hires. After another 10 minutes we picked up and moseyed once again.

This time the mosey was short. We ran to the trail by the creek and used the short hill to perform another 3 man grinder with burpees at the top, squat thrusters with the coupon at the bottom, and bear crawl/crawl bear, up/down the hill respectively to push. After 7 minutes the PAX were winded.

We moseyed back to the shovel flags, however the front group decided to race/sprint to the end. It was a sight to see…probably should have pushed them harder during the beatdown…. 😊

6:47am Mary
We completed American Hammers with the coupon rancid style for two rounds as Firewalker joined us. We counted off 12 PAX members, 13 with the late addition of Firewalker.

We then went into Name-o-rama. The following member were present for a total of 13 PAX members: Swiper, Tony The Tiger, Chernobyl, Trench, Borat, Squeaky Clean, Gipper, Double dip, Flowers, Feeny, Animal House, Firewalker, KOA.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
– PAX asked to pray for Francisco, Squeaky Cleans neighbor who is recovering from Covid, as well as Nelly who recently passed away from an illness per Jeeves.
– PAX reminded about Third F opportunities going on right now:
o 3 Blood drives in the next 3 weeks. Wentworth needs some people to sign up for the North Sheet.
o Diaper Drive through Unicycle’s office. You can drop off or directly send diapers to them via Amazon orders.
o Sarpy AO’s will be doing a can and non-food toiletries drive starting this week. One can per day per PAX member at each site or a 5 Burpee penalty. Goal is to obtain 200 items.
o We are still working on the Heartland for Hope Family adoption for Christmas. More details to come if we get it worked out.

KOA started by discussing being prepared. He shared that he has a hard time procrastinating and that preparing for things is not his strongest suite. With many things being juggled in the air, he says it is hard to focus at times on the things that need the most preparation.
Many times we hear about preparation but we fail to understand it’s importance. “Winter is coming” and “Preparing your hearts and minds for Christmas” are just a few examples of where we see preparation in our lives today. We need to remember how important preparation is to success. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Go out and find ways in your life to be a better man of preparation. You will see more success and be less stressed about the next activity.

We ended with a prayer to Sky Q.

KOA, Aye!

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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