/Memorial Park – Underwood Ave//AO-Ironwood//38 degrees and clear//
11 Pax: Polaroid, Spreadsheet, Doll Face, Rooster, O’ahu, Sportiva, Side Dish, Duster,
Spaghettio, U-Haul
Q: Bovine
Bovine welcomed the PAX to Ironwood. Bovine rattled off the 5 core principles, Credo, and
stumbled through the F3 mission statement.
Warm O’ Rama – Baseball field
 Side Straddle Hop 12 IC
 Hill Billy’s 12 IC
 Big Ones 12 IC
 Tappy Taps 10 IC
Pre-Thang – Triangle by Dodge
The Pax then took on a 3 stop string of pearls along the triangle sidewalk path. Station 1: 5
burpees and bear crawl to Station 2. Station 2: 15 monkey humpers, lunge halfway, bunny hop
halfway to Station 3. Station 3: 20 cherry pickers, sprint back to Station 1. The Pax completed
the triangle 2 times.
The Thang – Murph site by Saint Margaret Mary
The Pax split up in 2 groups. Bovine explained the 3 stations that each had 3 different
workouts/tasks. There was no push group, just complete the station and onto the next one
 Station 1: 10 pullups, 20 Merkins, everyone shoots a lay up on the opposite side of the
 Station 2: 20 Big Ones, 20 LBC’s, 20 Toe Touches
 Station 3: 20 airsquats, 20 Bob Hurley’s, 20 Skater Things (Apollo Ohno’s)
Both Groups completed each station roughly 2 times before Bovine called the PAX back to the
basketball court. Each Pax member shot a free throw to determine how many times we all would
run up Chicago Hill. We, the Pax, only made 1/11 free throws but lucky for us we only had time
to run up Chicago Hill once before it was Omaha time and we mosied back to the shovel Flags.
Announcements: Check Slack
COT: Started off with a quote by an unknown author “You got to go down a lot of wrong roads
to find the right one. I explained my journey to where I am now had taken a lot of different paths
and not all of them were wise. Bad habits were picked up and I lost sight of what was truly
important. Luckily over the past 2 years I was able to see the light just enough to know I needed
a change. After meeting and marrying the women of my dreams, choosing healthier habits, and
finding F3, I was able to start down a more productive path. I am nowhere close to perfect but I
am a lot better off than I was.
Aye- Bovine

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