12/1/2021 / Stinson Park

AO: Heavy Metal

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Stella, Folsom, Waffle House, Borland, Hipster, Spacebar, Gunner, Mulch, Q-Tip, Hot Rack, Maaco, Dollface, Demogorgan, Hat Trick 

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

The QIC arrived a bit early for the pre-run and found himself a couple pre-run comrades in Spacebar and Stella. Q-Tip arrived around the same time and was ready to roll with his rucksack. The QIC was feeling slow and dragging from the Indian food he had last night, but managed to keep up with Spacebar and Stella, who also provided good natured conversation.  


The QIC started the warmarama with zero idea of the type of warmarama exercises he wanted to do, so he started with 15 Tappy Taps IC. He then decided to do 15 cherry pickers IC then ran out of ideas. Turned to one of the PAX for ideas and they decided on Big Ones next. The QIC ended with 15 sun gods and 15 reverse sun gods.


The PAX circle was big enough to do a “Sally” squat workout, so the QIC fired up Spacebar’s bluetooth speaker and turned on “Flower” by Moby, which is infamous in the F3 Nation as “the damn sally song”. During the “bring sally up”, the PAX moved from a squat position to an upright stand. During the “bring sally down”, the PAX moved to a deep squat position. The QIC made sure the PAX maintained a VERY deep squat. Lots of mumblechatter was to be had during this portion of the beatdown. The QIC was pleased.

The Thang

The QIC had setup a cone in front of a member of the circle along with a list of ten exercises. The exercises were as follows:

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep press
  3. Goblet squats
  4. Weighted situps
  5. Overhead press
  6. Merkin rows
  7. Bent over rows
  8. Side leg lifts
  9. Jerk and pull lifts
  10.  Dumbbell punches

The QIC then instructed the PAX that the HIM in front of the cone would receive a 30 lb GoRuck pack and would need to carry it to the benches about 50 yards away. The HIM would then do 10 step-ups and then come back to the circle. During this time, the rest of the PAX would move to their left, pick up the weights in front of them and proceed to do the exercise for that rotation. The HIM in front of the code lead the rotation.

(It is worth noting that the QIC had forgotten to put on “tunes” initially but he was rightfully reminded to do this by the PAX, who immediately regretted this action when he started to play the smash hit “Baby” by Justin Bieber.)


The QIC has largely forgotten this portion of the workout, but he does remember there were boxcutters, gas pumpers and rancid style hammers.


The QIC spoke to the PAX of how his M confronted him recently about how his “obsessive nature” was making lots of space for F3 in his life, but then was starting to cause him to be dismissive of his M’s needs. The QIC was convicted of this and decided that it was worth re-evaluating where his concentrica was placed in the prioritization of his life. He decided to make adjustments to his workout schedule and despite feelings of FOMO, he will try and stick to a specific F3 workout cadence.

The QIC reminded the PAX that F3 is very important and helpful for many of us, but our concentrica is the most important thing in our lives. They are stuck with us forever, so we need to make them our priority, not the PAX. The PAX is a very close second though. Our strength in doing all of this comes from God and our reliance on His guidance, not our own.

QIC then closed in prayer.

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Heavy Metal

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