Shovel Flag Pass from Wide Right -> Griswold

AO: The Mess Hall | November 30th, 2021 | Literally perfect weather, 40deg, no wind

Q:  Wide Right, Co-Q: Griswold

PAX: Griswold, Grease Fire, Lite Brite, Tugboat, Retweet, Wentworth, Gator, Bloodshot, Hoser, Big One, Saul, GTA, Truly, Rosetta, Toadstool, Hard Hat, U-haul, Pony Express, Swinger, Huffy, Armbruh, Doppler, Smashmouth, Vandelay (respect), Blades of Glory, Oompah, Spacebar, Skidz, Cheap Seats, Slow piiiiiittttchhhaaa, Jean Claude, Cosmo, Edison, Jeeves (Respect), Tonight Show, Tater tot, Sparty, Room Service, Wide Right.

39 PAX.  So humble and grateful.

5am:  Yuuuge pre-run group today.  Awesome to see

5:30am: Welcomed 39 PAX to the mess hall on what would be one of the more memorable days of my life. Mission Statement and Core Principles given.  No FNG’s today, and despite Wide Right and myself combining efforts on this beatdown, we still weren’t considered professionals.

WoR: we took a short mosey down the path and around to the main courts and circled up.  5 IC SSH for my man Sparty. 15 IC tappy taps, 15 IC Big Ones, 15 IC Cherry Pickers.

Pre-Thang: Since Wide Right hates running, I obliged him and didn’t have any running built into this.  So a few weeks ago my brother Hard Hat introduced us to the “Dark Webb” workout.  It was so insane I labeled it stupid.  So, in honor of all the men that showed up to support the mess hall and for me taking the reins, I had to make sure no one left hungry.

Dark Webb:  Arms: Perform 1 merkin, then 2 raise the roof.  Add a merkin and add 2 raise the roofs.  Continue until completing 10 merkins and 20 raise the roofs.  Just stupid. Legs: same thing but 1 jump squat, 2 bonnie blairs.  Around the 6 or 7 mark the Q had to take a 5 second break.  I was smoked but we continued on until 10 jump squats, 20 bonnie blairs.  Next was Abs.  Same thing again but 1 toe touch, 2 LBC’s.  Again, no idea how I even counted these off as I was smoked.  After Abs were done, pre-thang was complete.  Lots of cussing.  Hopefully people show back up hahaha!

Thang:  Simple one here, but highly effective.  4 station grinder.  We counted off in 4’s.  Station 1 was 20 burpees, once done move to station 2.  Station 2 qty 50 of whatever upper body the PAX decided on.  Station 3 was lower body, again, same thing qty 50 of whatever PAX Decided.  And finally station 4 was ABS.  Rinse and repeat.  I think we almost got through 3 rounds of this.

Omaha was called at 6:08am.  Anouncements/Prayer requests.  3 D’s with Doppler going down Wednesday at his place, check slack for details.  Turkey trot final $ amounts, way to go PAX! Prayers for Jeeves friend with Covid, also congrats to Jeeves and Wentworth on new Job Opportunities.

COT:  Wide Right took the center circle and invited me out to say a bunch of nice things about me, how we met and then threw me under the bus saying I dated one of the Rider sisters.  Untrue.  😊 It was a nice few minutes hearing all the things that he thinks about me, and I continued to be more and more grateful for his friendship over the years.  Wide Right is a true him and cares about people in a genuine fashion.  He’s the quickest guy I know and will also do anything for a brother.  I’m lucky to have him in my life, I’m his biggest fan.  Appreciate him and all the PAX that were there in support of the mess hall and me taking over.

I took us out in prayer.

Grateful and Humbly yours,


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