November 30, 2021 | Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | 40°

PAX (16): Pantyhose, Theraband, Nailed it, Birdman, House party, Villa, Barbershop, Black Flag, Z-bo, TC (Respect), Scoober, Mulligan (Respect), FNG- Rotisserie, Billboard, LPC, Al Borland

QIC: Al Borland

YHC covered the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer with a little help from my prepared notes.


The PAX moseyed from the shovel flags to the courts for the Warm-a-rama

20 – SSH (IC) 

15—Cherry Pickers (IC)

15—Sun Gods (IC forwards and backwards)

15– Wind Mills (IC)

15 – Tappy Taps (IC)


As a group we performed Makhtar N’Diayas in combination with plank knee to elbow (IC) with each PAX taking a turn to call one 6 count of the exercise.  Our six count could use some work. 


We divided into four groups with each group starting The Thang at different illuminated stations. Each group of PAX completed all exercises at their assigned station before advancing to subsequent stations.  After completion of the last station, a game of chance was played at the base of “The Hill”.  In total each group completed 3 sets of exercise at each station.

Station 1:

30- Apollo Oh-nos!

Station 2:

10-MakTar N’Diayes
20-Carolina Dry Docks
30-Monkey Humpers (some PAX performed this exercise IC)

Station 3:

10-Coupon bent over rows
20-Coupon shoulder press
30-Coupon curls

Station 4:

10-Bonnie Blairs (IC)
20-Jump Squats
30-Calf Raises

Station 5: A Game of Chance at the Hill (one of the following):
Each group drew a card from a bucket to determine which exercise was required at the hill.  The following exercises were provided in the cards:

Bernie Sanders
Bear Crawl

The bucket of cards also contained a few free pass cards, but the deck was loaded with twice as many Bernie Sanders and Bear Crawl cards.  


33 American Hammers in honor of Villa’s 33rd birthday. This was enough for YHC, but Barbershop was hungry for more, so we concluded with 20 flutter kicks IC.


We welcomed FNG Rotisserie 

Check slack or check with Doppler for upcoming D3 get together and for information on Operation Others

Prayer requests 

Prayers this morning were offered for Mulligan’s mother Norma, Chucky’s son Greyson, the family of Theraband’s patient and Black Flag’s brother. 


YHC spoke about the metaphor that was the “fun and games” theme of today’s workout.  This is the time of year that we gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.  At times the holidays can seem like something to get through or survive, and sometimes this is for good reason.  But it’s also an opportunity to focus on being present and focused on spending quality time with those you love; cooking, baking, or late nights spent playing board games around a crowded dining room table—try to enjoy the fun and games.

Pantyhose took us out in prayer

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