“Billy Madison” 

PAX (16): Gobbler, Stapler, FNG (Davenport), Grease Fire, Icy Hot, Skidz, Schrute, Yogi, Tony The Tiger, High Life, Ferdinand, Rowdy, HuHot, Escobar, Doctor Thunder, Mulch. 

QIC: Mulch 

Mulch welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asked if there were any FNGs. 

We moseyed to open grass area next to the school for warm-a-rama. 


SSH – 10 IC 

Tappy Taps – 10 IC 

Sun Gods Forward – 10 IC 

Sun Gods Reverse – 10 IC 

Big Ones – 10 IC 

We numbered off into 2 groups. 

The Thang: 

Billy Madison was sent back to retake and pass every grade to graduate again, so we went back to school as well. Group 1 started at station 1, group 2 started at station 2. Pax performed exercise on list then ran to opposite station for next exercise and repeat until we have graduated from all grades. Exercises were the same at each station. 


1st Grade – Merkin – 12 Count 

2nd Grade – Frozen Freddy – 12 Count IC 

3rd Grade – Alternating Shoulder Tap – 12 Count IC 

4th Grade – Captain Thor – 12 Count 

5th Grade – Jump Squat – 12 Count 

6th Grade – Heels To Heaven – 12 Count 

7th Grade – DC Squat – 12 Count 

8th Grade – Superman – 12 Count IC 

9th Grade – Apolo Ohno – 12 Count IC 

10th Grade – LBFC – 12 Count IC 

11th Grade – Crunchy Frog – 12 Count 

12th Grade – Chuck Norris Merkin – 12 Count 

The Second Thang: 

Once completed Pax circled up in a shoulder to shoulder plank for the Big Bang. Each Pax called an exercise and rep count, Pax jumped up, sprinted 10 steps away from circle, performed the exercise and sprinted back to plank in the circle. Once the 6 was in another pax called out the next exercise and rep count. This was continued until all Pax had a chance to choose an exercise. 

Omaha was called at 6:05 AM 

Mary: Mulch wasn’t thinking clearly and forgot to do Mary. 

Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer: 

FNG – Davenport 

Announcements – CSAUP, Santa Saunter and continued Turkey Trot donations 

Prayer Requests – Mulchs 2.0 Jaxson 

Mulch still wasn’t thinking clearly and tried skipping the COT 

COT – Aim to be the reason someone says: “Because of you, I didn’t give up”. I told the Pax I recently stumbled upon this quote and how it made me think of people that have helped me through the ups and downs of life, and more recently, how the men of F3 have helped me push hard and not give up. I reminded the Pax to continue to be that guy, because you never know who needs that extra push. 

Our brother Escobar took us out in prayer. 



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