Combine / 25 Nov 2021

9 PAX: Paramount, Frosty, Superfly, Scoober, Barbershop, Tubesocks, Beaver, FNG (Duster),

QIC: Doppler


SSH x 15, Tappy taps x 10, High knees x 10, Big Ones x 10, Chinooks x 10


20 Dips

20 Derkins

20 Steps-ups

The Thang Burpee-Fest

Went for a little mosey, stopped along the way to try out as many types of burpees as possible. Did 5 of each type of burpee.


Hand release Burpee

Donkey-Kick Burpee.

Box jump Burpee

Mt Climber Burpee

Hand Release Burpee

180 Burpee

Navy Seal Burpee

T Merican Burpee

Frog Jump Burpee

1 leg Burpee (Left)

1 Leg Burpee (Right)

Plank jack Burpee

Bernie Sanders Burpee

Monkey Humper Burpee

Diamond Merican Burpee

Shuffle Burpee

Sweet Roll Burpee

Superman Burpee

Alarm Clock Burpee

Wall sit (10 count) Burpee

Balls to the wall handstand push up Burpee

Double Burpee

Bropee x 10

Announcements and Prayers

T Claps to Tube Socks and the PAX on the Thankful raised over $2.5K

Lots of opportunities to volunteer this month. Look at 3rd F Slack Channel


We have been doing a job lately being generous with our money. Please remember the value of your time as we go into the holiday season. If you can give money that is great but there are so many options out here that just need you to give time and energy. Each of you are incredible leaders in your community so I suggest you find a 3rd F opportunity or just reach out to another PAX member and offer them one of the most powerful gifts we can. Our intentional time and love.



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