Co Q’s-Toadstool and Samples

31 Pax- Huffy, Swinger, High Tower, Honey Stinger, Grassroots, Tug Boat, Vanilla Ice, Beta Max, Ruxpin, Roll Bar, Wentworth, Bif, Folsom, Tin Cup, Brazilian, Room Service, Sister Act, Stella, Frosted Tips, Cosmo, Flowers, Sam FNG (Welcome!), Black Lung, Honey Maid, Edison, Lansbury, Hot Dog, Fish Oil, Spacebar, Bloodshot, and Toadstool and Samples (Respect)

Gloom was cold 30 degrees and a blustery 30 mph wind out of the north.

F3 stands for Fitness – Fellowship and Faith.  My name is Toadstool and I am with Samples and we are not a professionals.  The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The five core principle of F3 are:

It’s Free

Open to all men

Always held outside rain or snow or sleet or hail – OR WIND

Led in a rotating fashion

Always ends in a circle of trust

Warm A Rama –

10 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Sun gods IC

10 Tappy Taps IC

10 Big One IC

First “Leg” of the Turkey Trot

Headed on east on Pacific until 84th Street and then went north into the gale (most character building of the trot here).  Turned left on Broadmoor and ran to the middle of the Swanson Elementary playground at the Coop. 

15 Imperial Walkers IC

And Toadstool led us into Crowd Pleasers (one merkin and one groiner up to 6)

The Thang

We partnered up next to the hill and did 11’s.  At the bottom of the hill, we started with 10 chicken peckers then ran the hill and completed 1 worken and ran down and then 9 and 2 and so on until Toadstool read 6:30 on his watch where we end this part of the workout with Captain Thors (one big boy and four American Hammers 2-8, 3-12, up to 20 Hammers)

Second “Leg” of the Turkey Trot

We hit the trail around the park and headed west out of the park and then south on 90th street.  We entered the Battlefield where Samples ended the Thang with 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC.

Mary –

15 Big Boys

15 Flutter Kicks

15 Instagram Poses

31 Hammers Rancid style

Named FNG Sam – F3 name is now Rawhide

Announcements – Samples has T-shirts for those pre-ordered early enough and Coffeteria will be in the parking lot since VG is closed today.

Prayer Requests – for Vets and people who lost loved ones this past year and other prayers on our hearts

Co-COT – Both Samples and Toadstool spoke about the importance on gratitude.  When speaking with people who are struggling, showing gratitude is really difficult to start but it is the first step to solid mental health.  It is also so important to find gratitude in situations where we might be struggling.  So many times it is easy to play the victim and feel sorry for ourselves.  These are the situations we especially need to be grateful for as these are potential for the biggest growth for us.

-Aye Samples and Toadstool

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