AO: Steel Mill

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Squeaky Clean, Sweet Roll, Chernobyl, Fun Dip, Rooney, Levy, High Life, Ferdinand, Ditty, Mulch, Duracell, Schrute, Maaco, Shingles

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

Weather was very brisk. Wind chill of 9F. 

Walked to the Papillion after doing my Thankful Trot 5k with Shingles. There were some people already there. Duracell had started the fire. There were some stragglers as the 10k and half marathons were wrapping up. 


We started with a Seven Merkin Meal. 

Lead the reps in a rotating fashion with some of the PAX doing 10,15,20 reps of the different merkins. Before they lead the set, the PAX would say what they’re thankful for.1. Merkin2. Wide Merkin3. Diamond Merkin4. Carolina Dry-dock5. Staggered Merkin6. T Merkin7. Alternating shoulder taps


The Thang

We spent the majority of the beatdown doing a clockwork AMRAP workout. I put a cone in front of Sweet Roll and handed him my 30 lb ruck bag and then told the PAX to take the bag and do 10 step-ups on the bench outside the pavilion and then run back. 

While the person was running on the outside, the PAX would move one position clockwise and take the weights in front of them as we worked our way through the exercise list. 

Exercise list:1. Curls2. Tricep press3. Goblet squats4. Weighted situps5. Overhead press6. Ben Afflecks7. Bent over rows8. Side leg lifts9. Jerk and pull lifts10. Dumbbell punches


I don’t remember everything we did, but I remember that Freddies, Heels to Heaven and rancid style American hammers were involved. 


My COT was just basically me expressing my thankfulness for F3 and the PAX. I wanted to make sure everybody knew that if it weren’t for F3 thaen I would definitely be a sad clown and about 40 lbs heavier. I’m appreciative of all the men who continue to push me to accelerate every day.

Also concluded with a Nugent flag pass from the QIC to Sweet Roll

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