“Three Man Coupon Grinder”

PAX (12): Tater Tot, Stella, Schrute, Duracell, Ditty, Ear Tag, Khakis – RESPECT, Doll Face – RESPECT, Skidz, Mulch, and Invictus

QIC: Ferdinand

Pre-Run: Stella, Tater Tot, Ferdinand, Ditty, Skidz, Ear Tag

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. No. FNGs.


Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Tater Taps – 10 IC

Windmills – 10 IC

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

SSH – 10 IC

Number off into groups of 3.

The Thang:

Round 1

Coupon Curl – 15

Coupon Press – 15

Coupon Merkin – 15

Coupon Chest Press – 15

Run a lap

Round 2

Coupon Squat – 15

Coupon Squat Hold – 15 IC

Coupon Lunge – 15

Coupon Hydraulic Squat – 15

Run a lap

Round 3

Blockee – 15

Coupon Thruster – 15

Coupon Kettle Bell Swing – 15

Murder Bunny – 15

Run a lap

Rinse & Repeat!

Omaha was called at 6:05 AM to go circle up at the shovel flags!

Mary: Sarpy Slammers IC Rancid Style Twice Around

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Announcements – Ditty VQ tomorrow morning and many third F opportunities

Prayer Requests – No prayer requests shared out loud

Mumble Chatter – It was a special group this morning! We all pushed each other and made sure to keep the chatter alive during a tough beatdown. During the COT message it was special as individuals shared their thoughts on writing down goals and the positive effects of it! Roast coffee is legit and I will definitely be back!

COT – I would like everyone to share one thing they’re thankful for and then write it on the coupon! This is like writing down your goals. This narrows your focus and provides short-term motivation and excitement. Written goals force you to choose specific, measurable goals that are important to you in the long-term and short-term. Having this clarity helps you filter out things, activities, and people that don’t support your goals.

Prayer – Khakis took us out in prayer!



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