Wednesday Nov. 24 th 2021 | Dangerzone | Papio South High School | 0515 | 50ish degrees

1 Year F3 Anniversary
Pre-runners: (6) Knobs, Skidz, Gobbler, Jean Claude, Farva, Koa!
Pax: (17) KOA, Echo, Hu Hot (Respect), Double Dip, Chernobyl, Borat, Farva, Gobbler, Lucky Charms,
Skidz, Sweet Roll, Rooney, Feeney, Belding, Blue (2x Respect), Knobs, Maaco!
Maaco greeted pax at 5:15, reviewed the 3 Fs along with core principles and mission statement.
Short mosey to midfield turf for Warm-o-rama. We counted off into 1s and 2s, cranked up the tunes,
ran in circle, transitioned to high knees, butt kicks, super mario and SSH. Maaco called out odd or even.
1’s did Merkins. 2’s did Big Boys.
Partner up!
Station 1
Starting at the goal line,
Run 10 yards – 3 burpees,
Run 10 yards – 6 jump squats
Run 10 yards – 5 Apollo Ohnos
Run back to Goal line
Station 2
Air Squats
Monkey Humpers
Bobby Hurleys
The Thang:
Baby got back
Mosey to bleachers
Partner Up! Start at bottom of bleachers going up to push partner!
Station 1
Alt Leg Lift x3– 3 Air Squats

Alt Leg Repeaters x3 – 6 Jump Squats
Alt Step Ups w/ Leg Lift x1 – 5 Johnny Dramas
Station 2
Glute Bridges
Crawl Bear down steps when pushed.
Mosey back to midfield.
Circle Up!
In 2 teams we did ab work and played a game. 1 pax from each team raced to middle of circle to the
light. Winner gets a point for their team and calls out next exercise!
Omaha called at 5:57
Announcements: Thankful Trot Info!
Prayers: prayers for 4 year old Parker and family. Prayers for Jacob and Jaime.
COT: In celebration of 1 year. I gave thanks to Ferdinand for inviting me to join F3. It was a tough start
after my first post at the Titan Alley MURPH and took awhile to “buy in”, but I am so glad I did! I gave
thanks to those who came today and expressed looking forward to another year! F3 has changed my
life, so invite someone you know to help them change theirs!
Prayer: Chernobyl spoke to Sky Q on behalf of PAX!
A few of us met at Kum and Go for coffee! Thanks Borat!
Cheers to another year! Thanks to everyone who reached out even though they weren’t there today!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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