AO: Mainstage 

DATE: 11/24/21 

Weather: 49 degrees and clear  

PAX (21): Yodel, Tonight Show, Sister Act, Ketchup, Escobar, Sasquash, Blades of Glory, Fine Print (Respect!), Unicycle, Gator, Yogi, Convoy, Mile High, Supe, Tee Ball, Mr. Miyagi, Baby Shoes (Hate!), Speed Square, FNG Sean (Welcome!), Lite Brite, Hard Hat 

Qs: Lite Brite & Hard Hat 

Welcome: The PAX rolled in and gathered up in the parking lot. There was lots of greeting each other and plenty of conversations to interrupt when the clock struck 5:30. Hard Hat introduced himself and Lite Brite as the Qs for the workout, informed the PAX that we were filling in for Griswold and would lead them through a workout of his design, and went through the mission, core principles, and disclaimer. There was one FNG. The PAX were then directed to mosey on down to mid-field for a warmup.  

Warmarama: We took a page from Griswold’s book, who took a page from Sparty’s book, who might’ve taken the same page from Khakis’ book.  

Side-Straddle-Hop: 5 IC 

Pre Thang: Stairs. The PAX numbered off into 5 groups. Each group was assigned an aisle of stairs and told to go up and down 5 times. Upon each group’s completion, them met on the track and Al Gore’d til the final group came in.  

Thang: Griswold’s Grinder. The PAX numbered off by 3, and were directed that this is a 3-man grinder, so each set of 1-2-3 would stay together. Man 1 would stay on the close sideline, Man 2 would go to the opposite sideline, and Man 3 would sprint the width of the field to relieve one of his partners. On each sideline was a list of exercises with a number of reps. The group would work toward the cumulative total of reps for each exercise. To get the thang going, man 3 jogged to the far sideline, then sprinted back. Exercises on one sideline were: 100 Merkins; 100 Carolina Dry Docks; 50 Burpees; 100 Hand Release Merkins. The exercises on the other sideline were: 100 Jump Squats; 100 Bonnie Blair’s IC; 200 Air Squats; 200 Monkey Humpers IC.  

The entire group was going through the list rather quickly, and it didn’t take long for groups to begin rinsing and repeating. This occurred a little earlier in the workout than we anticipated, so we discussed breaking things up a bit. We called an early Omaha, and instructed the PAX to run the stairs serpentine style (up an aisle, down the next, all the way to the end) then take a lap on the track. Once complete with the lap, do flutter kicks until the 6 came in.  

After the 6 came in, we regrouped with our partners and did the grinder again, but did AMRAP of the exercises and switching exercises after relieved by your partner. This continued until the real Omaha call was made.  

6MOM: We did 20 Rosalitas for Griswold, then finished off with Rancid style American Hammers.  

Closing: We did the Namarama, named our FNG Posh, had a few announcements and a lot of prayer requests, then moved on to the COT. 

Circle of Trust: Lite Brite started off the COT:  

– Thankful for all the F3 HIM 

– Especially thankful for Griswold for pushing me both personally and professionally 

– Met him almost 10 years ago now going to work with him. 

– There was a 3rd member to our work group (Jay) who passed away last year. 

– I have a great appreciation for those two as we all helped each other work through a toxic work environment. 

– I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to workout with Griswold at F3. I remember my 3rd week at the Red Wing Monday morning MURPH complaining as the 6 with Griz running next to me. I remember wanting to stop and walk and he wouldn’t allow me to.  He said something to the effect of “suck it up you’re going to sprint this last part by the school”. That changed my mindset to where it needed to be since. 

Hard Hat added to the COT with:  

Griswold really wanted to be here this morning to lead this group. He was even trying to figure out how to make it work while he was in the hospital.  

Ketchup then asked what happened to Gris, to which a brief explanation was given.  

Griswold wanted his COT to be about being thankful, so I’m thankful for Griswold’s friendship. He’s always been one to reach out and ask how things are going, and has been a great friend over this last year. It was easy to tell him that we’ve got this, covering the workout for him. I want you guys to know that I’m so thankful for you all as well. This group has been amazing for forming friendships and building those relationships. It’s awesome knowing the support of the group if you ever need some help, so lean in and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

Sister Act prayed us out.  

Thank you friends, and happy Thanksgiving! 

Lite Brite & Hard Hat 

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