Friday, November 12, 2021 – Golden Spike – Burke High School – 5:30 a.m.

PAX: Room Service, Free Lunch, Waterboy, Rainman, Tugboat, Z Bo


5:00 a.m. Z Bo was the lone HIM on the Pre-Run to get the blood moving on a clear and chilly and very windy morning. 

5:30 a.m. 7 PAX met at the shovel flags at the entrance to Burke Football Field. LPC introduced himself and totally nailing the Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles. 

The PAX were off and running with a quick mosey up and around the field running down the stairs to meet in the middle of the field for Warmarama. 

Warmarama: 10 Tappy Taps (IC); 10 Cherry Pickers (IC); 10 Big Ones (IC); and 10 Sun Gods (IC each direction).  15 don kehotes (IC)

Pre-Thang: Human tunnel. All PAX members assumed a high plank position at the goal line and the others followed suit in line going forward. The first guy on the goal line low crawled under the other guys then falling back in the line in a high plank position. (opposite of leap frog) This continued for about 45 yards. 

Thang: The PAX remained in 1 group for cohesiveness and camaraderie. There were 4 designated stations. One at the center of each goal line and the others on the sideline at the 50 yard line.  Starting at the goal line closest to the entrance and moving in a counterclockwise rotation. Rotation 1 do exercise A Rotation 2 do exercise B etc. Did this until Omaha. We reconvened at the shovel flags for some Mary. 

Station 1: 25 Dive Bombers

Stations 2: Core  A – Flutter Kicks 30 IC  B – Heels 2 Heaven  C – Low Plank 

Station 3 (opposite goal line): A – reverse lunges 30  B – Air Squat 30  C – Bonnie Blairs

Station 4:  A – Mericans  B – Werkins  C – Ranger Mericans   

Namarama – See the list above for who posted

Announcements: Nothing new to report at this time. 

Prayers: Special Prayers for Free Lunch’s Grandmother. Z Bo’s uncle had a stroke and Michala 

COT: A lot of time we feel there is a problem with someone and they should fix it. That person needs to adjust to my idea of what is right/wrong. The reality is the person with a problem is me, not the other person. This being said, if I have the problem then I have the ability to provide the solution. I encourage all of us to recognize when this is happening and step up and provide the solution.

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