November 19th, 2021 35 degrees with a breeze which made it feel like 20, YHC missed the lunar eclipse and pre-run

Honey Maid arrived early to the Combine, so I asked for his help to set up for this beatdown.  YHC brought my speaker for one station along with a coupon for some blockees and a 60+ lb sandbag for sandbag burpees.

16 HIM joined me this morning in the gloom:  Hoser, Swinger, Frosty, Oompa, Beaver, Tube Socks, Chucky, Panty Hose, Honey Maid, Kill Switch, Gump, Super Fly, Skipper, Nailed It, LPC, and Jonathan FNG (Bob Ross).

Q: Wentworth

Started right at 5:15 and welcome the PAX with motto, 5 core principles, and credo.

We took a lap around the track and then did some dynamic stretching along one goal line.

Side Shuffles, Super Mario Brothers, Butt Kickers, High Knees, Oil Derricks, Side Shuffle Squats, Windmills, and then Sun Gods.

Khakis’ style 3-man grinder with 2 stations and a push group.  Showed the group how to do a sandbag burpee and a Sweet Roll Burpee which they would need to know.

Group 1 stayed at one goal line for a group of AMRAP exercises:  CDD’s, Big Boys, Lunges, Sit outs, Alt Shoulder Taps, Low Dolly’s, and Apollo Ono’s

Group 2 was the push group and they had their choice of bear crawl, crab walk, or lunges to the cone about 30 yards away where they would do 3 blockees, sandbag burpees, or Sweet Roll burpees and then run the remaining 70 yards to relieve group 3.

Group 3 AMRAP:  Bobby Hurley’s, Flutter Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Air Squats, Werkins, SSH’s, and Plank Jack’s.

Omaha was called around 5:51 and we headed to the shovel flags for Mary.Mary consisted of Freddy Mercury’s, Box Cutters, ABC’s, and then Rancid Style American Hammers.

Announcements:  Thankful Trot next Thursday, not too late to order shirts or to contribute.  Other 3rd F items in Slack 3rdF channel.  Food Pantries, adopt a family, Operation Others, Blood Drive

COT:  YHC spoke about not celebrating your trophies with others, but instead being vulnerable and sharing your hard times.  It is in our hard times, where we grow more internally and spiritually.  If we can help another HIM out with a shared story of how we were or are really struggling with something, then we can come alongside one another and build them up and encourage them through these times.  As men, we usually don’t do a great job with this and this is what I wanted to encourage the group to do more often.  YHC told about a story of conflict which didn’t end well with an old neighbor, as I had the opportunity to rise above and I was sucked into an ugly argument which displayed some terrible words and gestures as it was not a great moment for me personally.  This was about five years ago and I feel that I have grown and now handle difficult situations with new neighbors slightly better than I did before, but I still have a long ways to go.  Edify someone today and make this world a better place one person at a time.

Ended in prayer.  


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