November 23, 2021|Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | 32°

PAX (11): Chucky, Doppler, Merch, Barber Shop, Mulligan (Respect), Al Borland, Billboard, Pantyhose, Tubesocks, House Party, Kill Switch

QIC: Kill Switch

Announced: The Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, and Disclaimer.

Asked about FNGs – none today. 


Doing it on the way to the pre-thang.

  1. High knees
  2. Butt kickers
  3. Shuffle left
  4. Shuffle right
  5. Moroccan night clubs
  6. Flap your wings
  7. Milk the cow


Fun-dips,(renamed later to be named dip dip goose by merch, much better name!)

Use the Gaga ball court/benches.  Pax around the circle doing dips together facing in.  First person takes a lap, and the next starts to take a lap when that guy gets back, going around the circle of 11 HIM.

The Thang:

String of Pearls

Start the PAX around the path that goes around the park.  Stopping occasionally to do work, adding a layer every time we stopped.  YHC gets out of breath while sitting, so I am grateful for the assist by several of the PAX.  Chuckie and Doppler worked on geopolitical issues during the string parts of the beatdown.  They were thinking global and doing merkins local.

  1. 5 burpees
  2. 10 Bonnie Blairs
  3. 15 merkins
  4. 20 Bobby Hurleys
  5. 25 Big boy situps
  6. 30 Side straddle hops
  7. 35 monkey humpers
  8. 40 second plank


On yer six.  More delegation (dereliction) of duties. 3 pax chose some Mary

Tubesock chose 20 mini gas pumpers

Mulligan chose 20 flutter kicks

Al Borland chose 20 box cutters

We finished with a round of American hammers, rancid style!


Thankful trot coming up on Thursday!  Reach out to tube socks for details.


Gratitude.  Thanksgiving is in 2 days somehow.  Someone told me that time is like a roll of toilet paper.  The more that you use, the faster the roll spins.

My COT today, like almost all of my others, is imparting advice to someone else, but really talking to myself.

If you’re like me, holidays and time with siblings and parents can be challenging.  It’s not what is said, but the perceived attachment to the words.  Sometimes there’s a passive aggressive something behind the words, and sometimes there’s an aggressive aggressive something in your face.  A lot of the time we either push the thing down or lash out against it.

My M’s favorite move in a situation like that is “have you tried this dip?” Effectively sidestepping the convo.  I want to make a conscious effort to change that into a statement of gratitude.

I’m grateful my family is able to get together.

I’m glad that my wife could put this together.

Thank you all for the patience with our first time hosting.

And above all of that, accept comments at face value and realize this will be the last interaction I have with my family until the next time I see them.  What do I want their most recent memory of me to be?

Thank you God for my health to be here

Thank you alarm clock for not letting me sleep through

Thank you panty hose for letting me fill in for LPC today

Thank you tube socks for setting up the thankful trot and letting me lead the ruck.

And thank you pax for allowing me to lead you


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