Tuesday, November 23, 2021 – The Sanitarium – Papillion Lavista High School – 5:30 a.m.

PAX: Borat, Schrut, Fire Walker, Girl Dad, Feeney, Levy, Irish Car Bomb, High Life, Nelly, Thomas the Train, Squeky Clean, Sweet Roll, Swiper, Flowers, Double Dip

Q: Baby Shark

5:00 a.m. Jean Claude joined Baby Shark, Girl Dad, Swiper, Thomas the Train and Double Dip on the Pre-Run at 5:00 a.m. to get the blood moving on a clear and chilly morning. 

5:30 a.m. 16 PAX met at the parking lot near the shovel flags in the Papillion LaVista High School north parking lot. Baby Shark introduced himself and was off to a rough start when he announced FNG instead of welcome to F3. He blames the pre-run and hussle to get started by 5:30 a.m. Baby Shark redeemed himself by totally nailing the Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles. 

The PAX were off and running with a quick mosey around the track to meet on the south side of the grass field for Warmarama. 

Warmarama: Baby Shark led the group with 10 Tappy Taps (IC); 10 Cherry Pickers (IC); 10 Big Ones (IC); and 10 Sun Gods (IC each direction). 

Pre-Thang: Baby Shark fired up his speaker for some fun with the Baby Shark theme song and a special Baby Shark Merkin Challenge. The PAX started with diamond merkins and progressibly moved the hands out wider as the song went from baby shark – mommy shark – daddy shark – grandma shark – grandpa shark. Let’s go hunt included merkins with a straight reach, run away shark included mountian climbers and safe at last had PAX doing merkins with a swipe of the forehead.

With chest and arms warmed up, Baby Shark led the PAX to the turf field with a stop at the concession building where all the PAX lined up for wall-sits. Every PAX gave a 3-count down the line and this was completed 3 times. With the legs warmed up, the PAX moved onto the north goal line of the turf and prepared for the start of the beat down. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, Baby Shark led the PAX with an appertizer of an exercise of Apple Turnovers. This involved alternating bear crawls and crab walks (changing every 10 yds) down to the 50 yard line and back. 

Thang: The PAX created groups of 4 where 2 PAX stayed on the goal line completed exercises AMRAP while the other 2 PAX ran to the opposite end zone and back. The goal line exercises were as follows:

​T: Travoltas 

​H: Hand Release Merkins

​A: Alternating Lunges

​N: Not So Lazy Boyz

​K: Knuckle Merkins

​S: Squats

6:05 a.m.: Omaha was called. The PAX headed backto the shovel flags for abs and to close out the workout.

20 Flutter Kicks (IC)

16 Sarpy Slammers (IC)

Namarama – See the list above for who posted

Announcements: Feeney broke the ice by announcing he was wearing 2 different shoes this morning. While it got a good chuckle from the PAX it certainly did not seem to slow him down. Other announcments included the different options for Thanksgiving Day, including the Turkey Trot and different distances for running. Swiper reminded the group about KOA’s recent COT and to remember family this upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

Prayers: Special Prayers for Thomas the Train’s M who was interviewing for a job today; Squeky’s neighbor battling Covid; and Nelly’s grandmother Doris who just recently passed.

COT: Baby Shark “A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude.” We have so much to be thankful for as the Thanksfiving Holiday approaches. Baby Shark encouraged the PAX to not only communicate their gratitude and thankfulness, but also have a grateful attitude and act upon that attitude. Baby Shark shared a story from the past weekend where he reached out to a parent on his son’s basketball team about taking him to a basketball game. This parent is often guarded and not the most vocal. When Baby Shark dropped the child off at home the parent sent a warm and nice message thanking Baby Shark and described how is son was all smiles upon coming home. Baby Shark acknowledged the gratitude and told the parent his son was a polite and good boy and that he was always welcome to hang out. Baby Shark took that extra step of showing gratitude by picking up the boy and taking him out that night to socialize with friends. This extra step of kindness was his way of showing gratitude to the parent and his son’s good nature and kind friendship to his own son. Gratitude can change your attitude.

BabyShark ended with a prayer.

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