Temp: 31° and clear. Beautiful morning sky and bright moon.

Pax: 16 -Doll Face (Respect), Stapler, 2-Step, Stitches, Spagetti-O’s, Buns of Steel, Polaroid, Icy, Gunner, DOME (hate!), Bovine, Folsom, Armbar, Othello, Frosty, and.. QIC: U-Haul

[0530] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Welcome to Cornhusker Handicap. Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s. Credo. Pick up the Six and Let’s move!

[0532] Mosey West twd then through St. Mary’s Campus



12-Tappy Taps(IC)

12-Big Ones(IC)

Mosey to Planter and Bridge

20-Sun Gods(IC)

12-Sit Thrus(IC)

[0538] Pre-Thang- (6-8 min) Elevens

Pair up. An exercise in which you start with 1 rep of one exercise and 10 reps of another exercise, then add one additional rep to the first exercise and subtract one rep from the second. The sum must always add up to 11.

1 Derkins(D) at the planter run across the bridge and do 10 Burpees(D). Then 2 Derkins – 9 Burpees and on until 10 Derkins – 1 Burpee.

YHC definitely under estimated how much time this would take and got through maybe the first 3 “rounds” of this, but the blood was flowing and the PAX warming up!

[0546]Mosey to Shovel Flags by Street

[0548]Thang- Push Group

Count off in 4’s. Group 3 is the push group. Other groups move through the exercises on the sheet. When you get pushed, next time you show up to that station, pick up where you left off.

Station 1: In the Shelter

20 Dips (D)

20 Step ups (IC)

15 Derkins (D)

15 Jumps Squats (D)

10 Incline Merkins (D)

10 Bonnie Blairs (IC)

5 Diamond Merkins (D)

5 Jumps Ups (U)

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Station 2:

20 Heals to Heaven (IC)

20 Caro. Dry Docks (D)

15 Big Boys (U)

15 Alt. Shoulder Taps (IC)

15 Monkey Humpers(IC)

10 Groiners (U) 

10 Ranger Merkins (D)

5   Burpees (D)

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Station 3: Push

Sprint up the Hill and touch the wall. 2 times.

Station 4:

30 Squats(D)

20 Rosalitas(O)

20 Air Presses (U)

20 Frozen Freddies (IC)

15 High Knees(IC)

15 Maktar N’ Diayas (IC)

10 LBC’s(IC)

10 Crab Cakes(IC)

5   Sit Thrus(IC)

[0607] Omaha call. Mosey back to Shovel Flags. 

[0608] 6MOM: Rancid American Hammers

[0610] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.


FOLSOM– Turkey Trot this Thursday! Come on out to your corresponding site on Thursday and partake in all the pre-run festivities and beatdowns. An excellent 2nd F opportunity!

POLAROID– 3rd F. Wentworth and Sparty are asking for Volunteers for ABIDE on…

Thursday, Dec. 9, 1pm-4pm at Abide’s campus: Helping Pack the Pantries

Saturday, Dec. 11, 9am-12pm at Abide’s campus: Handing out at the Pantry

Contact Wentworth and Sparty to sign up!

GUNNER-Ponzi has got a blood drive on his birthday!! Sign up with him and check SLACK for further details.

FROSTY-THE RABBIT HOLE is happening this Sunday and Stormbreaker is sponsoring. Greasefire(Woochh!)


Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a mentor of mine during my travels in VA. I had one question that we danced around for a while until I asked her directly, “I am at a crossroads now. Do you think that should burn the boats to take the island metaphorically speaking when it comes to my career and giving up Art all together so that I can pursue this other career path?”  And she said, “You know I never found that be the case for me to be the case for me. I don’t even know what boat I am going to take until it’s time to take it. It is okay to leave your boat in the dock until it’s time to take it out again.”

I realized that I am allowed to leave this other boat in the harbor and tend to it every now and then, rather than burn it. This beautiful boat that I have dedicated a large part of my life to is still the boat that made this other part possible. It led me to here.

Where am I now?

There is a level of the unknown that I facing in my life right now that is seemingly unparalleled from what has come before. It’s a whole new part of my book, a quiet milestone, and major tectonic plates underneath the surface are shifting all at the same time.

Manhood, Fatherhood, Schooling, Work, Friendships, Family… There is not one boat in my life that not out at sea. It is all happening and I don’t think I am going to burn a single one. I am going to own them, and maybe take someone else out to sea. Help them navigate difficult waters. Use my boats to continue sailing into the wild unknown.

I am reminded to stay flexible and faithful, continue to give more of myself, and just do the one task directly in front of me at the time, as best I can.

And practice some gratitude that I am able to be out at sea.



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