10 Pax: Hu-Hot, Painkiller, Dr. Thunder, Mulch, Duracell, Jean-Claude, Animal House, Icy-Hot,  Greasefire

Q: Frosty

We gathered at 5:30, Frosty welcomed the Pax, listed the 5 core principles, gave mission statement and reviewed our creedo.  No FNGs.

I was extremely honored to lead at Stormbreaker.  I reminded the PAX that it wasn’t too long ago I could barely run across Stinson park, then we moseyed down to the Prairie Queen Rec Area by the trail 

Warm O’ Rama

  • 10 – SSH
  • 10 – Sun Gods each direction
  • 10 – Big Ones

The Thang: Seeing Things From Every Direction

We did a 3-group grinder with 2 stations and a push group.    Station #1 was at the picnic tables and Station # 2 was under the overpass. 

Station  #1 – Dips and Step Ups:
  When your group was at station #1, each member took their place around the picnic tables and did 20 Dips followed by 20 Step-Ups.  Before Rinse and Repeating, everyone moved to take a different side of the picnic tables – to change your point of view.  Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Phase #2 – Round the Clock Merkins and Spinning Bobby Hurleys:   On the trail under the overpass is a slanted patch of pavement.  Instructions at this station was to do “round the clock” merkins (Thanks Two-Step). 
10- Decline Merkins
10 – Staggered Right Merkins
10 – Incline Merkins
10 – Staggered Left Merkins

10 – Bobby Hurleys – facing West
10 – Bobby Hurleys – facing North
10 – Bobby Hurleys – facing East
10 – Bobby Hurleys – Facing South

Again, we kept changing our angles and our perspective

We made it through 3 sets at each station before it was time to call Omaha and take that long mosey up the hill.

  • 6 MOM;  For Mary, we did timed flutter kicks for 90 seconds and Sarpy Slammers

Mumblechatter:  Today’s Beatdown was designed to have about a minute run between stations, making each station 2 minutes long.  There was some outstanding chatter in my group during the runs.  People sharing about their first Murph experience or their first posts.  Asking questions and sharing experiences.  It was glorious.  Every member of my group also lead at some point.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
Turkey Trot Thursday

Stormbreaker sponsoring The Rabbit Hole the Sunday

Condolences for TTT

Continued prayers for the Gradoville family

COT:  I attended the hearing for the man accused of Nugent’s murder last Friday.  I unknowingly sat behind the defendant’s mother and other family members.  I was amazed at how differently people can view the same incident.   I was so offended and I was about to say something but instead decided to lower my head in prayer.  

I was reminded about the divisive views that have been a problem for our culture the last couple of years.  My heart just aches about it.  

The same day the verdict in a large, controversial case was announced and I observed more divisiveness that afternoon when I returned to work.  

I don’t have the solution but all I could think about was The St Francis Prayer.  Where there is darkness, may I bring light.  May I seek to understand, rather than be understood.

It was a difficult day, but here is what I learned and what I wanted to pass along.  1.  Shut my mouth.  Just keep my mouth shut.  2.  Try to look at things from every direction in an effort to understand.  

PRAYER:  YHC took us out in prayer, expressing gratitude for the morning and the men I shared it with.  I asked for the awareness to be helpful in tough situations and to remind ourselves that everyone we interact with is a child of God.

Aye- Frosty 

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