Ironwood/ 22 Nov 2021

17 PAX: U-haul, Othello, Short Sale, Dome, Spaghetti-oh, Bovine, FNG (Duster), Jeeves, Side-dish, Jackrabbit, Blackjack, Stapler, Oompa, Sportiva, Gunner, Dollface

QIC: Doppler


Mosey over to the school.

21 x SSH, 10 x Tappy taps, 10 x Tater taps, 10 x each Sun gods forward/Chinooks, Sun gods backwards, 10 x Big ones


Partner up and work through all exercises counting up cumulatively. While one partner does the exercise the other runs to the top of Chicago Hill and back, switch.

100 Pull-ups

200 Mericans

300 Squats


American Hammers Rancid Style x 17

Announcements and Prayers

Thankful Trot coming up, you can do them at each site on Thanksgiving Morning, $20 for t-Shirt $50 for a hoodie.

Lots of 3rd f opportunities can be found on Slack

Othello and U-haul are part of a production at the Blue Barn “Die hard” please go support them if you can.


What inspires you? What inspires me is seeing other people happy. Putting a smile on someone’s face or making them laugh fills my soul. I like to be a positive force in my circle of influence. Find what inspires you and put some positive energy into it. This week I am thankful for the inspiration I get from F3 and I hope you are too.



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