11/18 The Battlefield Backblast “Burpees for Samples” 

The Stage:  30 Degree beautiful clear morning with a bright moon in the sky.  Strong showing of 20 PAX with two FNG’s !  

PAX:  NO DOSE, Flanders, MmmKay, ICE-T, FNG (ROOK), HoneyMaid, Waterboy, Saferide, Smashmouth, Ruckspin, SpaceBar, TinCup, Samples, Rosetta, FNG (Black Lung), OOOMPA, GrassRoots, Bloodshot, TugBoat, Vanilla Ice.

Warm-O-Rama  400 Meter Jog and line up on North Goal Line…..Exercises consisted of Big Ones, Tappy Taps, Finkle Swings, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Side Straddle Hop.

Jog 50 yards, turn and back pedal 50 yards, stop and do 15 ‘Mericans.  (2 SETS)

PRE-Thang.  3 Burpees…Bear Crawl 10 yards…3 Burpess…Bear Crawl back 10 yards…3 Burpees (2 SETS) Needed a 10 count in between…Thank you Flanders. 

-Mosey to base of south entrance parking lot.

PRE-Thang #2 Find a partner….Partner #1 runs up the hill to the street light about ¾ up the hill.  While Partner #1 is running, Partner #2 does 5 Burpees and then does a 5 count.  Partner #1 relieves you after their run and you head up the hill.  2 sets of the burpees and two runs up the hill finishes the exercise.  When complete, Plank position until the 6 was in…

As we were wrapping up, we circled in the back parking lot.  Saferide is walking next to Samples and says “Who’s idea was it to let Vanilla Ice lead a workout??”  We circled up—15 count “Mericans, 15 Count Monkey Humpers.

-Mosey to 50 Yard Line.

Keep your partners—Partner #1 Runs to top of Stadium Steps and does 10 ‘Mericans and runs back down.  Partner #2 does 10 Exercises of the following:  1) Hand Release ‘Mericans 2) Jump Squats 3)  Big Boys…Rinse and Repeat until your partner relieves you.  We did this for about 10 minutes until…..OMAHA!  Music playing in background included “Ready Steady GO” by Paul Oakenfold, “Astronaut in the Ocean” and “Good for you” by Olivia Rodrigo.

Before Mary, everyone lined up on the 50 and numbered off.  Random number generator selected two individuals to complete a 10 YARD pass and two 20 YARD passes.  If you complete the pass, you must do half of the yardage in Hand-Release “Mericans.  (Example: 20 Yard completed pass you must do 10 ‘Mericans.  All told, all passes were completed!

Although Samples hates Burpees we probably got in around 50 of them during this workout!

MARY:  Flutter Kicks, Lounge Act, Rancid Style American Hammers. 

Two New FNG’s that did great through the workout!  Jeff Bishop (47) FNG is now ROOK.  Benjamin Smale (32) FNG is now BLACK LUNG.

COT—Keep perspective.   Told the recent story of hitting a large racoon on the Interstate in Kansas which end up causing our rental car to overheat and become disabled at 2am.  Closest town was 30 miles away.  Although an annoying instance,  after talking with the tow truck driver this was minor compared to catastrophic accidents that he has witnessed.  Prayer—Keep Perspective, count your blessings, and safe travels as we come up on the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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