The Pit Back Blast: “Lemon Law’s Farewell Tour Part 1”

11/20/2021 | The Pit AO | Papillion, NE

PAX: Duracell, Borat, Farva, Icy Hot, Lemon Law, and Gipper

CO-Q: Lemon Law and Gipper

Temperature: 38° F, clear, with a beautiful sunrise at the end of the workout

Gipper and Lemon Law welcomed 4 other PAX to the Pit. Gipper shared the 3 Fs, the mission of F3, the five core principles, and the disclaimer (We are not professionals. All exercises are a suggestion and to modify if needed. At this point, you are assuming a very real risk of injury.).


The PAX moseyed to the east side of the pond where Lemon Law lead the PAX in some warm up exercises.

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills (Don Quixote’s) x 10 IC

Ospreys (Sun gods – forward x 10 IC, Chinooks – forward x 10 IC, Chinooks – reverse x 10 IC, Sun gods – reverse x 10 IC)

String Rippers x 10 IC


Before the PAX moseyed to the tee ball field, Gipper explained the rules for The Thang.

There will be six innings. At each base (aka a piece of paper), there is a list of exercises, the number of reps, and the exercise to advance to the next base for each inning. If one group passes the group in front of them, the group that passes the other has to do 30 burpees as a penalty. Luckily, no one passed the group in front of him. After returning to the base each group started at, they have to plank or Al Gore until everyone is finished. After each group has gone around the bases and returned to their starting base, the PAX will mosey around the perimeter of the infield. The PAX then moseyed to the tee ball field. The exercises are as follows:


HOME PLATE: Burpees x 10 then Carioca to first

FIRST: SSH x 10 IC then Bear Crawl to second

SECOND: Jump Squats x 10 then Crab Walk to third

THIRD: Dying Cockroach x 10 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Merkins x 15 IC then Carioca to first

FIRST: Smurf Jacks x 15 IC then Reverse Bear Crawl to second

SECOND: Mountain Climbers x 15 IC then Duck Walk to third

THIRD: American Hammers x 15 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Dancing Bears x 20 IC then Lunge Walk to first

FRIST: Hillbillies x 20 IC then Carioca to second

SECOND: Peter Parkers x 20 IC then Reverse Bear Crawl to third

THRID: Dolly’s x 20 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Cherry Pickers x 25 IC then Butt Kicks to first

FIRST: Seal Jacks x 25 IC then Skip to second

SECOND: Air Squats x 25 then Bear Crawl to third

THIRD: LBCs x 25 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Moroccan Night Club x 30 IC the Hop to first

FIRST: Rockette Hillbillies x 30 IC then Walk to second

SECOND: Monkey Humpers x 30 IC then Crab Walk to third

THIRD: Rosilita’s x 30 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Shoulder Taps x 35 IC then High Knees to first

FIRST: Plank Jacks x 35 IC then Carioca to second

SECOND: Sumo Squats x 35 then Spiderman Crawl to third

THIRD: LBCs x 35 IC then Sprint to home

After 6 innings, Gipper called Omaha, and the PAX then moseyed back to the shovel flags for six minutes of Mary lead by Lemon Law


Freddie Mercury’s x 15 IC

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

American Hammers x Rancid Style (Did 3 rounds)

Circle of Trust

Count off and Name-O-Rama

6 PAX with no FNGs to name. 


Lots of 3rd F opportunities – see Slack and Twitter for Details


Prayers for Mulch’s 2.0s for healing of their ailments.

Prayers for Lemon Law in his move to Kearney and his future career.

Gipper shared his COT about Lemon Law and what Lemon Law means to F3 and to YHC. Today’s Thang was a tribute to him. The Thang was the same one as my VQ workout where Lemon Law was my CoQ. He even picked me up when I forgot to mention the disclaimer. He taught me how to make a back blast and how to design workouts. We wish him the best in the next chapter of his life.

Until next time,


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