This week’s beatdown began with an audible. Badass and Highly Respected HIM – Demogorgon – was unable to go. Enter benchwarmer and much less feared pax member, YHC, Firewalker. Truth be told, FW was supposed to Q back in August but had to call an audible due to The Rona…. TonyTheTiger saved his ass back then. Now it was FW’s turn to return to the favor. The pax would quickly realize and come to regret this switchers!


Arriving @ 5:00am for a pre-run were Swiper, GirlDad and Firewalker. We circled back at 5:30 and picked up KOA, EarTag, SqueakyClean and Skidz. #IsThisF3?

Pax: SqueakyClean, GirlDad, AnimalHouse, Skids, FNG-ThingsNStuff, IceT, SpeedSquare, Yodle, Swiper, Mulch, FNG-ChainLink, Ozark, LincolnLogs, Valasek, CrabCakes, KOA, EarTag, TonightShow & YHC, Firewalker.

With true Sarpy Swagger Fashion, FW welcomed the pax precisely at 6:00am to the DragonsLair. It was a beautiful morning in the gloom for a beatdown with a few clouds, light breeze and mid-30’s temps.

FW covered the mission of F3, to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. The 5 core principles were covered – open to all men, always free, always outdoors, led in a rotating fashion as we always end with a Circle of Trust.

FW reminded the pax that professionals know what the hell they are doing, and he was most definitely not a professional and to modify necessary.

There were TWO FNG’s – Joe and Noah. Both appeared nervous but spoke with confidence and a sense of awe at how the hell a group of gnarled, badass dudes would chose to wake up early and share in such misery and pain together. FW assured both that they would be glad they came after the workout and perhaps we could be friends then.

With that, the pax mosey’d around the block with a few different stops planned for Warm-a-Rama:

⁃ Finkle Swings – OYO

⁃ Don Quixotas – 15 IC

⁃ Hillbillie Rockettes w Hi-Ya-Skis highly encouraged- 20 IC

⁃ DragonWalks / Peter Parkers w nod to the ComodoDragons

⁃ Mario’s were expertly thought up and mildly successfully executed on the way to the location of our PreThang.

PreThang – Contra-Burpee-BroadJumps

⁃ 1 Burpee, 1 BroadJump

⁃ 2 Burpees, 2 BroadJumps

⁃ 3 Burpees, 3 BroadJumps

You get the idea… all the way up to 10……

If you’re wondering. CrabCakes and KOA wanted to keep going. Our FNG Noah was staring blankly at me and was clear was holding back some choice words. I’m also not sure he knew where he was.


4 Stations

1) CHerkins (CheeseHead Merkins w Forehead touching the ground) – SC

2) Bobby Hurleys – SC

3) Cheerleaders (SSH w/ low squat) SC

4) IronCrosses (SC except when they weren’t)

First round 10 Reps

Second round 20 Reps

Third round 30 Reps

Fourth round 40 Reps


Sarpy Slammers / Rancid Style. 19 Total.


⁃ ThankfulTrot Thursday / Thanksgiving


⁃ Mulch’s son Jackson

⁃ JJ recently passed away of cancer


FW shared about a recent reflection after a tough week: Do I really have what it takes? Looking around the circle and reflecting on the pax who surround me is a daily reminder that I can do this. I have what it takes.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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