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Pax: 9 total – Gunner, Mac N’Cheese (hate!), Spreadsheet(hate!), Safe Ride, Bovine, Q-tip(Respect), Joe Buck (FNG and hate!), Side Dish(hate!) and YHC, U-Haul.

So humbled and thankful to meet see Oscar Mike there this morning and it was an honor to have them all stick around for the beatdown.

[0700] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the Credo: Leave No man Behind, but Leave No Man where you Found him. Couldn’t have been more necessary today with our FNG. Not at the beginning, BUT little did we know there was one on the way. Thank you Mac N’ Cheese for the reminder of the disclaimer.

YHC reminisced about the 2nd F (Fellowship) opportunities a site like The Canyon has to offer and we were going to explore that with a longer mosey today. With that we headed West twd the Lewis and Clark vistor center…

It was a beautiful morning for a Mosey with the sunrise on one side of our opening mosey and the downtown skyline on the other. Omaha was really showing off.

[0702] Mosey (25min) with Warm-a-rama that leads into Pre-Thang



12-Tappy Taps(IC)

12-Big Ones(IC)


20-Sun Gods(IC)

12-Sit Thrus(IC)

12-Crab Cakes(IC)









20-Bobby Hurleys(D)

It was about this time when we noticed a car pulling up in the same parking lot we were in during Rosalitas. We didn’t make too much of it. Only that they got a show when we were on our six’s spreading our feet into the air. Little did we know, he was our EH in waiting.

Mosey to Stage under the bridge



10-Box Jumps(U)

Mosey to Dock

20-Ranger Merkins(D)

15-Heals to Heaven(IC)

20-Sumo Squats(IC)

Mosey to Shelters

We had just gotten to the Shelter when our friend from the parking lot was running by and stumbled a bit on his feet, I think while watching us. To which Safe Ride asked “Are you alright man?” and he said “oh yeah. I’m good.”

That was the ice breaker YHC needed to ask “Hey, you wanna workout with us?” and he said :

“Uuhhh…yeah, I’ll jump in for a round.”

“What’s your name bud?”


“Aaron. Nice to meet you man.”


Safe Ride was so great about translating the names of the exercises after YHC had called out. Everyone made this guy feel welcome. All part of the love at The Canyon.

1st Shelter

20-Incline Merkins(D)

15-Frozen Freddys(IC)


YHC then said “Alright , if you got 15 more minutes, this next part is a little more fun. Wanna stick around?” And Aaron said “Okay. Yeah.”

Mosey to Shovel Flags

[0735]The Thang (17 min) Frisbee Grinder

Pair up and there will be one group of three. Throw the Frisbee. Collect the Frisbee. 3 burpees. Then 2 burpees, then 1, then none. Run back and trade places. Finish out Grinder. The person running throws their own Disc.

100 Mountain Climbers (IC)

150 Squats (D)

200 Merkins (D)

150 Cherry Pickers (IC)

200 Big Boys (U)

[0752] Omaha call. Gathered at the Shovel Flags. 

Side Dish was great site Q and explained things as needed to our FNG. Shout out to Gunner who gave the him a ride back to his car after the beatdown.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, Named the FNG(Friendly New Guy) Joe Buck.


Safe Ride- Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Still time to sign up and donate for that.

Blood Drives are up and available right now. See SLACK for more details.

Mac N’ Cheese- Futurama got a lot going on for Thanksgiving day so join us for all the festivities which all start at 0500 next Thursday.


Spreadsheet- Prayers for his Grandmother and family this Thanksgiving day as the navigate this new normal for them.

Safe Ride- Thinking of all the PAX who will be traveling this week for their holiday visits. Have a “Safe Ride” there and back!


Jealousy – The Green Eyed Monster

For a lot of people, Jealousy can be a negative thing. For all too long in my life I have looked at other people’s things, friends, and actions and have lived under a certain limiting belief that sounds like this “Well I will never have a life like that OR I’ll never be able to do that.” and for someone that has acquiesced to a certain quality of life because I couldn’t afford it or because I didn’t have the time, it’s crushing. It feels like I’ll never get to what could be possible. And then jealousy can turn into disdain and darkness.

O! beware, my lord, of jealousy!

It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock

The meat it feeds on.

This book that I have been reading called The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins, she talks about identifying Jealousy as a blocked desire. That it is trying to tell us something. To start paying attention to Jealousy and figure out what it’s trying to teach you about where your soul is meant to go. Instead of looking around at everyone who has beat to the thing you want, look ahead to the destination that represents your destiny. Then instead of being in competition with all those people on the road ahead, you will see allies to help you get what you want. And remember… as you find the confidence to move forward with your life, YOU become a light on the path for someone behind you who’s still blocked.

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