11/19/21/The Brickyard/Stinson Park

Q- Samples

22 PAX – Jean Claude, Bunz of Steel, Ruxpin, Sasquatch, Toadstool, Knobs, Ditty, Cosmo, Beta Max, Huffy, Vanilla Ice, Fine Print, Double Dip, Spaghetti O’s, Dome, Folsom, Gunner, Bloodshot, Cutting Edge, Polaroid, Blackjack

Gloom was cloudy and 30 degrees

Good Morning and Welcome to F3 Heavy Metal – undeniably the strongest AO in Omaha.  F3 stands for Fitness – Fellowship and Faith.  My name is Samples and I am not a professional but I’m pretty proficient in the second two.  The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The five core principle of F3 are:

It’s Free

Open to all men

Always held outside rain or snow or sleet or hail

Led in a rotating fashion

Always ends in a circle of trust

For the Warm-a-rama, we took a lap around the park with our coupons and then completed

Sungods IC 10

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Big Ones 10 IC

And Imperial Walkers 15 IC

The Thang!

We took our coupons to the hill where we got into partners and completed a 100 x 100 x 100 Sample Tray.  Each partner group will complete 100 of the exercise – one member bear crawl up the hill and pick up where the partner left off.

100 kettlebell swings

100 incline merkins

100 squats

100 flutter kicks (never got to it)

If finished – R&R

After 10 minutes, the group picks up their coupons and jog to the light display where you will complete

100 decline merkins on the bench

100 step ups with our coupons

100 skull crushers (never got to it)

100 big boys – (never got to it) while our partner crab walks around the light display

If finished – R&R

After 10 minutes, the group picks up their coupons and head to the gazebo and between the two partners need to

100 sliding merkins,

100 pull ups,

100 curls (never got to it)

100 gas pumpers with feet in the coupon (never got to it)

If finished – R&R

Mary –

Coupon Hammers IC Rancid style

Announcements – There were many announcements about the third F site on Slack

Prayer Requests – There were no specific prayer requests (which is nice because sometimes I have trouble remembering them when closing with Sky Q)

COT – There are not many times I have trouble coming up with a COT.  In fact, I usually have COT’s ready to go for my next Q but I must have forgotten them this morning because as I was running with Gunner and Ditty, I was reminded of the influence we have on our children.  There is a quote from Mark Twain that goes something like – When I was 14, my father was the stupidest man alive – but by the time I turned 21 I was surprised how much smarter he had gotten is just the last 7 years. 

I had a nice conversation with my son Nolan (F3 Goose).  He was perhaps just a little bit under the influence as he is a grad student at NC State, but he was telling me how he was sorry that he didn’t listen to me more when he was younger and that now he is older he remembers some of the things we used to speak about and now he is sharing those with the people he meets.  I felt pretty good about our conversation until he told me that he had a picture of me in his dresser and would crumple it up when he was pissed at me.  I can smile about it now.  He made me think about two things:

We are being watched in everything we do weather it is being a dad, husband, employee, boss or friend.  You never know what those people around you are taking from your words but more important – your actions.  Secondly, this parent gig is not a sprint but multiple marathons (which is good because many of you have seen me try to sprint).  We are in this for the long haul.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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