The Woodshed 

Friday, November 19, 2021

30 degrees

Q – Stella

PAX: OMT, Ponzio, Spreadsheet, GTA, Tater Tot, Pony Express, Honey Stinger, SafeRide, Armbar, Chiclets, Khakis, Door Dash, Biff, Take2, Sportiva, Space Bar, Stella

5:30 AM – PAX met at the shovel flags in the parking lot.  YHC brought a speaker and had on techno music on in the background to start the morning off on an upbeat note.  As promised in the pre-blast, we took a mosey to The Grotto for Warm-A-Rama.

Warm-A-Rama consisted of the following: SSH, Big Ones, Tappy Taps, Sun Gods, Pickle Pushers and O-Yeahs! Eye contact was encouraged, but not required, for the second to last exercise.

We then took a LONG mosey to the base of the paved golf-course hill.   During this mosey, YHC and Spreadsheet got separated and the music connection faded.  Mumblechatter noted that TaterTot and a few other PAX told Spreadsheet to catch up with Stella and he respectfully declined, noting the Q needed to slow hisass down.

The Thang:  The Thang was a modified 100 style beatdown, the first person to hit the number for each exercise yells out The Woodshed, indicating for the PAX to stop the exercise and go for a run up the hill.  We had one list and the bottom and the other at the top. 

Bottom of the hill:

  • 25 – Burpees
  • 50 – Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • 75 – Merkins
  • 100 – Air Squats

Top of the hill:

  • 25 – Makhtar N’Diaye
  • 50 – Alt. Shoulder Taps
  • 75 – LBCs (not IC)
  • 100 – Crab Walk Touches (each foot =1)

Khakis and Chiclets won for being the fastest two PAX.  A few PAX volunteered to pre-maturely grab the list at the top, in an attempt to avoid doing more burpees after we finished all of the exercises.  However, YHC declined and pushed us until around 6:06 to call Omaha.  Lot’s of mumblechatter today during the beatdown.  Of note, YHC didn’t realize PONZI was present until half-way through the beatdown. At some point on the run down the hill, PONZI hit the curb and wiped out in the grass.  PONZI almost ended up in the water.  HoneyStinger’s soft hands were unable to be on the concrete, so he opted for the soft grass.  It was also overhead that HoneyStinger was using Tater Tot’s deep and loud breathing for his cadence (we know this is weird).   Omaha was called around 6:06 and we took the mosey back to the shovel flags. Techno music kept us pumped at the bottom of the hill. 

We were tight on time, so Mary consisted of Rancid Style American Hammers. 

Announcements:  ThankfulTrot is next week, still time to sign up and donate. Prayer requests mentioned and noted.

COT:  Today was YHC’s VQ at The Woodshed!  Not sure why or how I have never Q’d here before, having been involved in F3 Omaha for over 2.5 years.  It’s better to be late, than never!  For the COT, I briefly shared my experience with F3 and discussed that the 2nd F is the glue that keeps people coming back.  Keep the EH on for guys you have been reaching out to.  YHC gave the PAX a challenge to connect with another HIM you may not usually hang out with, invite them out for coffee, lunch or a beer in the next few weeks. 



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