11/18/21 | The Coop AO | Swanson Elementary | 30 Degrees – Windy

PAX: Honey Stinger, Knobs, Folsom, Toadstool, Stella, Hotdog, Landsbury, Sven

Q: Sven

Sven welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer that he is in no way a professional.  PAX moseyed as a unified group of 8 to the warm-a-rama location at the playground. 

Warm-a-rama:  (Approx 10 min)


  • 20 Side Straddle hops (IC)
  • 15 Tappy Taps (IC)
  • 15 Big Ones (IC)

Pre-thang: (Approx 5 min)

10 Merkins, Werkins and Rangers and the bottom of the hill and then core work at the top.

Thang: (Approx 25 min)

We ran the traditional route and did pearls on a string.

Station 1:

1.     Jump squats 20

2.     Merkins 20

3.     LBC’s 20

Station 2:

1.     Big Boys

2.     Workins

3.     Calf raises

Station 3:

1.     Dips

2.     Arm Circles

3.     Carolina Dry Docks

Station 4:

1.     Squats

2.     Merkins

3.     Copperhead Squats


American Hammers Rancid Style

Prayers and Announcements: 

Prayers to all of those with medical issues.  Everyone is getting ready for the run on Thanksgiving


Have passion for what you do in life.  Encourage your kids to pursue something they are passionate about. Support it, live it and do it!  For you and for others.

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