November 5, 2021 | AO – The Combine | ~41° clear skies

23 PAX: Yodel, Khakis (Respect), Bubbles, Beaver, FDIC, Sasquatch, Fine Print, Tube Socks, Splinter, Paramount, Kill Switch, Slow Pitch, GTA, Wentworth, Tater Tot, Al Borland, Mulligan (Respect), House Party, Speedsquare, Pantyhose, LPC, Honeymaid, Slick

Q: Slick

*A couple different groups preran 

At 5:15a, PAX were welcomed to The Combine. Explanation ofthe mission of F3, the core principles (Slick may have forgotten to do this), and that Slick is NOT a professional so modify as necessary. No FNGs.

CTA of being aware of the complex emotions PAX felt throughout the workout….there would be plenty.


Stayed at shovel-flags to complete the following:- 15 SSH IC- 15 Tappy Taps IC- 15 Imperial Walkers IC- 15 Cherry Pickers IC


PAX completed 1 mosey-lap around the track with 3 sets x10 of burpees. (start, middle, finish). Plank until 6 was in/completed.

PAX circled up and counted off into groups of 3, and those sets of 3 would stay together for a nice long grinder.

The Thang: (3 man grinder with cones at 25, 50, 25, goal-line)- Partner 1 &3: Positioned at each goal-lineo 10 burpeeso 20 merkinso 30 air squatso 40 flutter Kicks (no IC)o R&R until push partner arrives- Partner 2: Working Push Groupo Reverse murder bunny w/ coupon from goal-line to 25 yard lineo Rifle carry from 25 yrd line to 50 yrd lineo At 50 yrd line, complete 3 blockeeso Rifle carry from 50yrd line to opposite 25 yrd lineo Murder bunny in from 25 yrd line to opposite goal-line o Push to partner 1 or 3 

Mary (23 PAX)- Mountain-Climbers IC (Rancid-Style) – Gas-pumpers IC (Rancid-Style)- Sarpy-Slammers IC (Rancid-Style)


Announcements/Prayer Request- Slick forgot to write them down (will do 15 burpees as punishment)


Slick read the following excerpt from the On Being Podcast with Krsta Tippett. Guest is Junot Diaz, and the ensuing quote:

“We are not a culture that has built into our way of being, our way of thinking, our civic imaginaries — contemplation, mourning, working through difficult contradictory emotions. That’s not part of our society; and therefore, where society leaves off, we need to take up. Society miseducates us. Society gives us a lot of prompts and a lot of encouragements to be reactive, emotionally reactive. In this, we have received tremendous tutelage. So, the ability to do what our societies seem incapable and unwilling to do is important. It’s incumbent upon us to be reflective, to be complex, to be subtle, to be nuanced, to take our time in societies which are none of these things and which encourage none of these things, because after all, there is nothing, I would argue, more critical than to be misaligned with the emotional baseline of any mainstream society.” 

Slick explained he needed to read this a handful of times to let it sink-in but that he views F3 as the arena where we as men can explore ways of complexity, vulnerability, of being open and reflective. Our society does not give us the tools to be complex beings, ESPECIALLY as men. We must learn this outside of the societal baseline. We have a responsibility to transcend the baseline and become rich, expansive people who also allow others to be the same around us.

Slick delivered closing remarks/shared space & energy with the group.

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