November 18, 2021 | RESPECT POP UP | 5:30A | Regency AO | 29 degrees and windy. Feels like 19

PAX: Slow Clap (Respect), Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Mulligan (Respect), Hat Trick (Respect), Hog (Respect), Butterfly (Respect), Doll Face (Respect), Khakis (Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Cyclone (Respect, Respect), Vlasic (Respect), Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Wait Time (Respect), Ozark (Respect)

VQ – Ozark (w/ Asst./MVQ – Wait Time)

A beautiful, crisp 30-degree morning under a full moon with a light, easterly breeze.  Shortly after YHC arrived, Vandelay pulls in after his Thursday morning nap (his flight arrived at OMA around midnight) to facilitate the Pre-Run.  Q-Tip and XXX arrived for an early morning Ruck.  Upon Wait Time’s timely arrival, the PAX chattered andstretched the hammies then took to the streets.  Vandelay and Mulligan headed off uphill into the crisp gloom while Q-Tip and XXX began their Ruck.  Wait Time and Ozark made their way to the Lake to set up for the Thang, then circled the Lake to complete their Pre-Run.

Upon post pre-run arrival at Paradise, mumble chatter abounds, then Ozark (YHC) covered the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. Slow Clap’s (Respect) first Respect Pop Up!!!

Wait Time and Ozark led the PAX down the street to a grassy stage for Warm-A-Rama.  Ozark led cadence, explaining how a slow, long stretch is needed at his stage of the game, especially Pigeons:

15 – SSH (IC)

15 – Cherry Pickers (IC)

15 – Air Squats (ISLOWC)

15 – Windmills (ISLOWC)

10 – Tappy Taps (ISLOWC)

10 – Big Ones (IVERYSLOWC)

10 – Pigeon (10 Count Each Leg)

PAX moseyed to a grassy berm.


Wait Time led the PAX in Clock Merlins, 9 count at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.  Limited mumble chatter, especially at the 6:00 & 9:00.  Time to mosey…

The Thang

Blue Cat Lodge – Ozark received his namesake from the Netflix show (less for his money laundering predisposition and more for his major moves about the country).  Those familiar with this less than uplifting theatre will recognize Marty’s(the protagonist) first major investment, the Blue Cat Lodge, a fine drinking establishment with services for Lake Ozark going boaters.  What better way for Ozark to VQ than to do so lakeside under a full moon?!?!?  Goings ons at the Blue Cat only shows us the number of lives Marty clearly possesses, dodging death almost weekly.  So…for the Thang, increments of 9!!!

Three stations across a grassy nob jutting out into the lake, 4 exercises performed with differing reps in increments of 9.

After 9 burpees, Group 1 pushed via a mosey to station 2.  Station 2 pushed Station 3, and so on. After the Burpee set, then 18 Merkins, then 27 slow Air Squats, then 36 SSH.  Then repeat.  The PAX got through 7 total stations before Wait Time called Omaha.

The PAX enjoyed mumble chatter back to the grassy berm where Wait Time proclaimed it was time again for Clock Merkins.  7 reps each set this time, with even less mumble chatter than the first round.

Then mosey back to Paradise to circle up for Mary. Good mumble chatter moment, including Vandelay’s positive flying experience this week (meaning a midnight arrival from DFW is…positive?).

Wait Time circled the PAX for 5 increasing sets of Captain Thor (1:4), whereby each Big Boy was followed by 4 Rancid Style Hammers.  Second set?  2 Big Boys and 8 Rancid Style Hammers. Yep, 5 sets ending in 20 Rancid Style Hammers. Limited mumble chatter throughout.

Announcements:  Thanksgiving day run – Last day to sign up and get the shirts.  Khakis encouraged the PAX to continue to EH FNGs, especially now.  Not everyone has family to enjoy during the holidays, making the next 6 weeks quite tough for them.  Let’s find those men and bring them in!

Prayers – Continued prayers for Wait Time’s mother-in-law, Martha, as she suffers the late stages of cancer and approaches her time with Sky Q.  Other prayers for those traveling this Thanksgiving.


Ozark explained the importance of perspective this Thanksgiving.  As we approach Thanksgiving over this next week, Ozark urged the PAX to reflect on their life’s changes.

Ozark explained how his own life’s outline did NOT align with the timing and path which Sky Q had for him.  And once Ozark eventually let go of his outline, he gained the perspective which made him a better husband, father, friend, and, thus, man.  Thankfully.

Ozark then explained that this Respect group possesses a perspective which younger men simply don’t.  The Respects likely have seen more and other and simply experienced more and other. Quite possible that the Respects are at a stage of marriage, fatherhood, or career that younger men aspire to.

Ozark went on to explain that the Respects are healthy, able-bodied men in the best country on the planet.  None are better positioned to influence change for good.  Ozark encouraged all to take the time over the next week to reflect on their path/journey to find what each are thankful for.  How you got here, who helped get you here, what you have (and not material items), what you love.  Then share that with those you care about, including the younger PAX.

Wait Time took us out in prayer.

At coffee, Wait Time discussed the book, Younger Next Year, and its importance for any F3 PAX, but especially the Respect PAX.  It was decided that we will read portions of the book and gather off-line to discuss.  Details forthcoming.

Shalom Out – Ozark

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