PAX for Pre-Run: Grease Fire, Tater Tot, Gunner, Firewalker, Double Dip, Borat, Baby Shark, Girl Dad, Jean Claude, Swiper, Khakis, Irish Car Bomb, Q-Tip & Knobs

PAX for Beatdown (28): Grease Fire, Tater Tot, Gunner, Firewalker, Borat, Baby Shark, Girl Dad, Jean Claude, Khakis, Irish Car Bomb, Q-Tip, Sparty, Squeaky Clean, Animal House, Skidz, High Life, Zorro, KOA, Splinter, Icy Hot, Gobbler, Levy, Rooney, Mulch, Double Dip, Truck Stop

QIC Knobs & Swiper

Knobs ran through the Core Five Principles with the PAX:

• Free of Charge

• Open to all men

• Held outdoors rain or shine

• Led by men in rotating fashion

• End in CoT; I am not a professional so modify as needed

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Serve & Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership! No FNG’s today so we’re gonna bring it! Credo is to Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him!

WarmARama: 5:32 (6 min) Swiper had the PAX circle up on the field and started with his first exercise.

• 10 Imperial Walkers IC

• 20 Silent Side Straddle Hop IC; counted to 7 but went silent afterwards. If PAX continue after 20 they owe 5 burpees. There were quite a few doing burpees

• Sprinklers IC: new exercise but it was harder than anticipated

Knobs led the rest of WarmARama starting with stretches. He informed the PAX to really stretch it out because they were going to need it!

• Tappy Taps 12 IC

• Big Ones 12 IC

• WTF – 12 Wide Merkins, 12 Tempo Merkins IC, 12 Freddie Mercury IC

• MF’R – 12 Merkins, 12 Flutter Kicks, 12 Ranger Merkins

• Number into groups of 4. These will be your partners the rest of beatdown

Pre-Thang: 5:38 (12 min) Husker vs Bluejay Competition

• Bernie Sanders uphill to fence – Al Gore; Tater Tot (CU) won Bernie Sanders race.

• Chicken Peckers on fence; Tater (CU) and Jean Claude (Huskers) tied on Chicken Peckers but both would have stayed on the fence for the rest of beatdown.

• Broad jumps on field; Zorro (Huskers) won the Broad Jump challenge.

• Frozen Low Dollie Hold Challenge; Multiple Pax tied.

• Merkins AMRAP; Tater Tot (CU) won the Merkin challenge at 84, although High Life and Animal House may have won, but they lost count. The N does stand for Nowledge! Ha

The Thang: Dee’s Workout! 5:50 (18 Min)

• 400 m run; pick up 6 or Al Gore

• 10 Burpees

• 20 Hand Release Merkins

• 30 Air Squats

• 40 SSH

• Rinse & Repeat; 10 Count as needed

We completed 2 full rotations of Dee’s Workout but ran out of time to do one more set. Regardless the PAX were gassed so we moseyed up to the shovel flag. As always Squeaky Clean was there at the base of the stairs to congratulate everyone on a well done beatdown!

Mary: At the shovel flags the PAX were instructed to get on their six.

• 28 Sarpy Slammers Rancid Style


A Site Q has little to do with the success of the site… I know that might be counter-intuitive to a leaders vision but it’s true. As the “Q” you can have all the best intentions and focus but unless there is buy in from the PAX, it doesn’t matter. Talk about Valas and how Sanitarium was formed.

• Who was here for any of the pop ups and launch? About 7 hands raised.

• Raise you hand if you had your VQ here? 13 in total over the year and about 9 in attendance.

• Raise your hand if you ever Q’d here? More than half the PAX in attendance had Q’d at Sanitarium which made YHC get teary eyed.

What I’m saying is the the growth of this site has little to do with my efforts but mostly to do with the pulse of the group! I couldn’t be more thankful for the group of HIMs before me. Swiper is the right man for the job and will need all the PAX to help him along the way! Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

Dream, Pray, Focus, Act

Aye Knobs

Shovel Pass from Knobs to Swiper!

Fomaha - 3870 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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