Nov 17 2021 / Aldritch Elementary School

AO: Top Rope

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Barbershop, Theraband, Thor, Mother Goose, Z-Bo, Biff, Nailed It, Doppler, Superfly, Black Flag, Romeo, Obiwan

I announced The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. I then did a sneak attack mosey start and we moseyed to the asphalt by the playground. 


Started up some tunes on the speaker Z-bo so graciously provided. We did some tappy-taps, big ones and mountain climbers to the Spice Girls.


Kicked us off with some 90-second tabata with the following lyrical masterpieces:

Tubthumping – Burpees

Bye Bye Bye – Boy bands

The Sign – Makhtar D’Njays

Jump Around – Jump squats

The Thang

eXTREME Wild Goose Chase

Divided group into teams of 4.

One time around the stations = one circuit.

Pick one person on your team as “it”. The “it” will be the “Goose”. Geese run off to the first station while the rest of the group planked. When the Goose has completed the first station, that is the group’s signal to move to the first station. 

The Geese did the “Goose reps” on the cone which were +5 reps from the normal reps and another +5 if the Goose did any of the classic 90s stuff like bleach their hair or wear JNCO jeans, etc. The group just did the standard reps. 

Once the group caught up to the geese, they then stuck together to the end of the circuit.

If the Goose managed to go a whole circuit without getting caught, the group then did a 10 burpees while the Geese Al Gored. (For the record, the QIC would like to point out that just because someone does IC faster than you, that doesn’t mean it’s cheating!)

Rinse and repeat.


Put on some Hanson while we did some heel touches, flutter kicks and rancid style hammers.


I mainly talked about how after going downrange and seeing a different view of F3, I really appreciated what we have in F3 Omaha. Mainly, the energy and positivity which makes people want to keep coming back. The 90s only came to mind because of it being such a high-energy era (and for some it was the last time we even HAD energy). I think we should remember to think young and look at every beatdown as “recess” and a time where we can just have fun. Because if you’re not having fun, then there’s other places you can go to workout, like a gym or something. This is about hanging with your bros and pushing each other with positive energy. Do that everywhere you can. Be present and bring what you caught here there. It might surprise you who you influence!

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Top Rope

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