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Q: Gunner

We started promptly at 6:00am with the F3 greeting… F3 Mission Statement…5 Core Principles…The Injury Disclaimer and the F3 Credo. We waited for the last possible moment to see if Skipper’s FNG would show up, but unfortunately, he did not, so we moseyed on.

We moseyed down Heros Blvd. At the end of Heros Blvd we circled up for a little Warmarama


(10 IC)Yoga Toe Taps – (10 IC) Slow Pitch Swimmers – (20)Merkins

We moseyed North- East down Walsh Drive to the random basketball court in the cornfield. There we did Motivators

At the Cornfield Basketball Court

Motivators – starting at 10 count down to 1

20 Count before we started moseying again.  

Again north-east on Walsh and a sharp left onto Miller Drive and up the hill.

At the top of the hill on Miller Drive, we lined up on the field for some exercising.

At the grassy field on Miller Drive

With the Pax in a line we performed 20 Catcher squats – sprinted to the second cone and did 20 Alarm Clocks. That was set 1.

For Set 2 – we did the same thing, but did 10 Burpees instead of Alarm Clocks.

Then we moseyed to the Boy Town Obelisk

At the Boys Town Obelisk

A small exercise circuit course was set up with 4 separates segments.

Segment 1 – Crab walk

Segment 2 – Jump Ups/ Step Ups (keep moving to the right)

Segment 3- Derkin Walks (keep moving to the right)

Segment 4 – Wall Slalom (jump over the wall-the full length)

Omaha called at 6:45 am and we moseyed back to the main round-about

Mary at the Main Round-about

Pax spaced out around the main round-about.  One Pax would run around the round-about while the remaining pax did Mary.  While the Pax was running the Mary pax did sets of

  • Banana hold
  • American Hammers
  • Big Boys

A running pax would return to his spot and the next pax would run and everyone would change to the next core exercise.

Announcements/ PrayersTurkey Trot donation and apparel

COT– I shared with the Pax how manly I have become by being a part of F3.

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