November 2, 2021 | Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | 43°

PAX: (16) Nailed It, Barbershop, Kill Switch, Spacebar, Birdman, Sister Act, Tube Socks, House Party, Wentworth, Slow Clap, Doppler, Sven, TC (Respect), Mulligan (Respect), Pantyhose, Scoober

QIC: Scoober

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. 

Asked about FNGs – none today. 


Mosey to Grass Pad near school

10 SSH

10 tappy taps 

10 big ones

At the shovel flags before we started,  TC, Sven and I were talking about merkins for some reason and I realized I didn’t have any Merkins in the workout.  I added a couple to make sure to keep TC’s chest swoll. 

Did two standard merkins.  

Keeping arms up

10 sun gods front wards IC

10 seal claps IC

10 OH seal claps IC

10 sun gods backwards IC

Pre-Thang –  Out and Back

Broad jump to free throw line – bernie back to the start

Crab walk to opposite free throw line – reverse crab walk back to start

Bear crawl to opposite base line – crawl bear back to base line

Plank or Al Gore til the 6 gets in. 

Thang –  15 rounds of alarm clocks

Bernie to first cone, 1 alarm clocks (thats round one), Bernie to second cone, 2 alarm clocks, Bernie to third cone, 3 alarm clocks, Bernie to top of hill,  15 monkey humpers IC. run to bottom, start over adding one alarm clock each time until we get to 15 (15 rounds is the # of rounds Rocky went with Creed in Rocky)

I heard quite a few of the pax “praying” quite loudly by about the 5th round, Lots of groans to peoples lord and saviors. Took a ten count before humpers after the 6th, 9th, and 12th rounds.

After about the 6th round YHC was second guessing this decision and said out loud,  “maybe 12 rounds is enough”.  To which Doppler responded shortly after “ I didn’t hear a bell”  motivating the pax (mostly YHC) to commit to all 15 rounds. 

Post – Thang

Jacobs Ladder – hills runs and burpees at top start at 1, add a burpee each time until Omaha called at 6:05.  Most Pax got through three burpees. 


Warned TC, Sven, and Kill Switch that I’d be calling on them for some core work. 

  • I led us through 15 UPSIDE DOWN TABLE TOP EXTENSIONS IC (slow)
  • TC led us through 15 HEALS TO HEAVEN with some solid encouragement (smile, smile, smile) instead of 1,2,3’s. 
  • Sven led us through 15 GAS PUMPERS, hit us with one Smile count at about the 12th rep
  • Kill switch gave us a glimpse into his life outside F3 and led us through 15 INSTAGRAM MODELS
  • American hammers rancid style 


  • Wentworth reminded us that there are a lot of upcoming 3rd F opportunities coming up and directed us to slack for more info.  
  • Doppler gave us a recap of the Veterans day ruck
  • Tube Socks reminded us of the thankful trot – YOU CAN STILL GET A SHIRT if you donate $25, you just wont get it by thanksgiving,  but donation site will be open through November.  We’re currently just shy of enough for four $500 gift cards. 
  • Birdman exposed the fact that the IMPACT sign up deadline was nothing more than a ploy to get guys to sign up.  It worked and we’re up to 29 guys.  That said,  sign ups are still open,  so get signed up – especially you TC (birdman was very committed to calling out TC many times for not having signed up yet. 
  • Wentworth raised up his buddy with Liver issues.  
  • I prayed for Green Street who is battling COVID currently. 
  • Doppler informed us that his former coworker Mary passed away recently so we’ll pray for those that knew her and cared about her.


My COT today is a quote by Burgess Meredith from Rocky II

Today would have been Burgess Merediths Birthday so I would be remiss to not use a mickey quote.  Surprisingly,  Mickey doesn’t say a lot of motivational stuff. 

In RockyII There’s a scene where Mickey is trying to get Rocky ready for his second fight with Apollo creed.  Rocky took a beating in his first fight and can’t see out of his right eye very well. Mickey tells Rocky, he’s got to learn to box right handed, and Rocky says he can’t. 

“Cant? What’s Can’t? There is no Can’t.”

Guess what,  Rocky does, and Rocky wins. 

So,  when things look impossible, remember Mickey’s words and get after it. There is no Can’t. 

Wentworth led us out in prayer. 

Thanks to Pantyhose for having me on the Q.  



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