Memorial Park Area/ 39 Degrees/ Best Day Ever

Q:Buns of Steel

PAX: Gunner, Sportiva, Side Dish, Doll Face, U-Haul, Oahu, Rooster, Stapler, Bovine

Warm a Rama: Took a mosey on the trail to the school. Once we arrived we did….. Sun Gods, Cherry Pickers, Tappy taps, big ones, merkins

Pre-Thang: Ran Sprints on the field

Thang: Grinder Style with three stations and a push group that ran the hill and completed 3 Burpees before the push

Station 1: 20 Merkins/20 Big Boys/20 Copperhead Squats

Station 2: 20 monkey jumpers/20 Plank jacks/20 Fox Holes

Station 3: 20 Suzanne Sommers/20 hydraulic squats/20 alternating shoulder taps

Mary: E2K’s, Suzanne Sommers, Cat Pukes

COT: Read some inspiring words from David Goggins regarding giving it your all and not quitting before the whistle blows. Apply that to all things in life boys!

-Buns Of Steel

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