Cornhusker | Stinson Park | 42 degrees| great morning for Nov. 

PAX- Gobbler, stitches, frosty, grease fire, dome, blackjack, doll face, Indiana, buns, ruxpin, E85 

Q: Drone Strike


Replay of my first workout…. we did not have a warm-a-rama…. Let’s Mosey 


Ran to the bottom of Shirley street and circled up at round-a-bout.1. Tappy Taps 202. 15 merkins

Ran to Top of Shirley1. 20 Imperial walkers2. 20 Box Cutters

Ran to Bottom of Shirley1. 20 Whoa Dolly2. 20 Air Squats

Ran to top of Shirley1. 20 Second Plank2. 15 Merkins

Ran to Bottom of Shirley1. 20 Monkey humpers (pointed at Shirley street to show our hate)

Ran back to Stinson Park to the tower1. 30 second Wall Sit2. 15 Chicken Peckers3. 20 Werkins4. 30 second Plank




20 LBC, Sarpy Slammers Rancid Style



I talked about my first workout and how I was replaying that with this workout.  It was a tough workout then and still was tough a year and a few month later.  The positive was that it was easier.  I talked about why I continued to come back after brutal workouts like that.  I keep coming back because of this group wanted to leave no man left behind.  I come back because of all the people who ran back to get me when I was walking and encouraging me that I could do this.  Those men pushed me to be better and I am better because of that.  The motto I was told my first day was “no man left behind and no man left where he is.”  That has stuck with me the entire time I have been in F3.

I also talked about how this was a tough day. We all have bad days in life that we wish we could replay. I said it is okay to relive those bad days and think about how it makes you stronger. Reflect on how you would have handled them now. Reflecting on tough times is a great way to see how we have become better in life. – Drone

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