PAX (13): Ferdinand, Duracell, Frosty, Uhaul, Escobar, Lansbury, Hoser, Skidz, Bovine, Blades of Glory, Side Dish, Gobbler, Mulch

QIC: Mulch & Ferdinand 

Pre-Runners (6): Ferdinand, Duracell, Frosty, Skidz, Blades of Glory, Mulch 

Mulch welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asked if there were any FNGs. 

Moseyed to open grass area next to parking lot for warm-a-rama.


Tappy Taps – 10 IC 

Big Ones – 10 IC 

Windmills – 10 IC 

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC 

SSH – 10 IC 

Numbered off into 3 groups.

The Thang:

Group 1 started at station 1, group 2 started at station 2, Group 3 was the push group and left station 1 once group 2 had started their exercise at station 2. Pax performed exercises AMRAP until the push group arrived. This was done till Omaha was called at 7:30.

Station 1 Exercises:

1) Merkins 

2) Up Downs

3) LBCs

4) Captain Thors

5) Hillbillies

Station 2 exercises:

1) Mexican Jumping Bean Squats

2) Up Downs

3) LBFCs

4) Chinook Squats

5) Hydraulic Squats

Moseyed to the field next to the parking lot for the game.

The Game:

Kickball with a little twist. While pax were waiting their turn to kick they performed a list of exercises AMRAP and switched to the next exercise on the list at each change of kicker. At each score and out, the opposing team performed 3 Hand Release Burpees. There was a slight delay mid game as the ball was kicked into the creek next to the field. There was no winning team, we were all winners.


1) SSH

2) Cherry Pickers

3) Sun Gods Forward

4) Sun Gods Reverse

5) Seal Claps

Omaha was called at 7:53 AM. We moseyed back and circled up at the shovel flags for Mary.

Mary: Sarpy Slammers IC Rancid Style 

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer: 

FNG – None

Announcements – Turkey Trot reminder and several PAX said good job with my VQ.

Prayer Requests – Tony The Tigers family and Mulchs 2.0 Jaxson

Mumble Chatter – I overheard several PAX mention the beat down was tough and I did a great job with my VQ, reassuring me that I must have done a good job, as I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the morning.

COT – I told the PAX about my journey in F3 over the last 4 months, how much I enjoyed the love and support I have received and that I am happier and in better shape than I have been for a long time. I also made a point to tell the PAX to remember to reach out to the newer guys, it means a lot more than they may think.

Our brother Ferdinand took us out in prayer.


Mulch & Ferdinand

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