Backblast: The Brick Yard – 2nd Addition – 11/12/21 (Tater Tot)

Yah Boooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, 21 PAX were rolling into the weekend with a stiffolicious breeze and the feeling of winter on the tips of our noses but that was no excuse to get soft and fart sack, for most.  It was however an excuse to find a less windy/cold place to do a beatdown if it was an option.  Momma didn’t raise no dummy….  As I was setting up the cones inside the parking garage at Stinson Park part of me had a little guilt and then part of me said “Yup, I am genius”.  During the flattest of the flat Friday pre runs (Shout out to you, Stella!) it was comical as the “breeze” seemingly was in the face both ways keeping you at 0.002 pace on a treadmill.  We made it back to the shovel flags with a little time to spare, fist bump a bunch of HIM and jumped into the intro.  A fantastic mixture of veterans, respects, swagger and newer guys.  It wasn’t a seamless intro but it did the trick and we picked up our bricks to mosey to what would be a much warmer location with access to ramps.  And we were off!   

PAX: Samples (Respect!), Stella, Folsom, Grease Fire, Cyclone (Respect, Respect!), Frosty, Honey Stinger, Slow Pitch, Doll Face (Respect!), Ketchup, Khakis (Respect!), Bloodshot, OMT, Ditty, Fire Walker, Runaway, TC (Respect!), Blackjack, GTA, Chiclets (Respect!) and Tater Tot.

Mosey RamaA shortish very slow mosey to the north side of the parking garage nearest Stinson Park.  We stopped, collected the six, completed an exercise and then up a ramp to the next exercise.  Rinse and repeat until we reached the third level.

10 Sun Gods forward and backward

Mosey to next level

6 Big Ones

10 Cherry Pickers

Mosey to base of next ramp

10 Coupon Tempo Air Squats

10 Regular Burpees

Mosey to the next level

Pre Thang – Let the Good Times Roll (The Cars)

As the PAX gathered I was setting up my bluetooth with the JBL in order to attempt the very first air squat routine to “Let the Good Times Roll” by the Cars.  I was pretty pumped but also new I was possibly limited with the amount of battery time as the night prior I noticed the charger insert was broken and this was would be its last hurrah.  The JBL showed 2 of 5 bars available so clearly enough battery to get through a 3 to 4 minute song.  I had reached out to Slow Pitch and Khakis prior to see if they had a backup and Khakis had one and he used it as his coupon considering he did not bring one.  The intent of the Pre Thang was to start with a squat when you heard “Let the” and hold the coupon squat until you heard “Let the” and then stand.  Up and down you would go holding.  I practiced once without a coupon in my office the day before and it sucked especially during the instrumental when you were on the down and could only imagine what it would feel like.  Welp, the battery went to shit 45 seconds in and the crowd jokingly moaned.  I couldn’t recover.  I just said “f” it.  It just would leave more time for The Thang I suppose….  Damnit!

The Thang

I was still a little thrown off with the abrupt stoppage of Pre Thang play which translated into some subpar instructions for The Thang.  Although, in my defense, the level of attention I was receiving with this chatty group on a Friday wasn’t exactly through the roof.  After limping through, most of the PAX understood the mission and teamed up with a partner and began to lock in for the next 20 or so minutes until Omaha was called.  I have to say that I almost told Khakis not to worry about bringing his speaker once I thought I had enough juice but I was happy he did bring it.  I worked pretty hard to change up my playlist, and if you don’t know each one of my playlist I make new for any workout that calls for some tunes.  This one I was pumped about and it did not fail me.  Honey Stinger was the man of the hour just crushing his vocal cords to each and every note putting smiles on the hearts of men doing blockees…

15 yard lunge with overheard coupon hold

Complete only one round of the exercises listed with your partner and return to lunge

  • Round 1) 15 Curls and 15 Overhead Presses
  • Round 2) 10 incline merkins and 20 decline merkins
  • Round 3) 10 Blockess
  • Rinse and Repeat

15 yard lunge with overheard coupon hold and place coupon down

Run down a level to a cone that shared an instruction to do one of the following while you returned to your coupons (Double high five, give a compliment, bark like a dog, run backwards up the hill, say your favorite pizza…).  Complete another round of lunges, exercises and lunges, rinse and repeat until OMAHA!

It didn’t appear that the PAX were too gassed and hopefully just found themselves in a good rhythm with a good sweat enjoying the music and time together.  Although, I later received a text from Frosty mentioned his partner that morning was going to quit F3 so perhaps there was part of the audience that wasn’t all smiles….  We did a slow mosey back to the flags where it was outside and we could at least complete Mary and do name a rama in the elements so the PAX wouldn’t judge us on the video but surely would later discover we made it to winter quarters.  A quick round of American Hammers Rancid style and right into Name a Rama and that was a wrap!

Announcements, Prayers and COT

Veteran’s Day Ruck

Thankful Trot

Rabbit Hole VQ with Mulch

Prayer’s for a PAX member trying to navigate F3 with his M…. 

I had recently received a copy of the 2nd Edition of Freed To Lead which a book written by the founders of F3 and what F3 was when it began, how it translated to a book and what it is today.  I held a copy of the original Freed to Lead book alongside the 2nd Edition and mentioned facetiously that the 5 Core principals of F3 (Free, Open to All men, Always held outdoors, Is led in a rotating fashion by your peers and ends in a COT) where the exact same in the 2nd Edition.  In fact, almost the entire book is the same which was my very point.  “It works” is what I said and “why change it if it works”. 

For all of us F3 means something a little different and we say that all the time so there is no surprise there.  What is the same is that we will always be bringing in someone new.  Someone that has not read the book or know why we do the things we do.  Freed to Lead in my opinion is a way to explain perhaps what you have not been able to explain or even knew what existed in your life.  I promoted picking up a copy not because I get a kickback financially but because no matter how long you have been attending F3 you can learn something about yourself or just life in general as an aging man.

What IS different from the first edition to the second is that F3 now has 10+ years of experience and thousands of stories.  Many of those stories are told on a daily basis across the country in COT’s that makes this group so different and unique.  A time to share a moment or moments in your life that could help shape someone else’s. The second addition is special because it highlights a few of these journeys and stories told and written by a very select few from across F3 Nation and one of those HIM is Slow Pitch who was in attendance and happens to be my brother. Bubbles (also a brother of mine) and I EH’d Slow Pitch for quite some time to post but it would be on his watch.  Once he did though, the rest was history and he started helping others write their story.  He recently was “promoted” to the official Weasel Shaker position in F3Omaha being passed from Big One and he couldn’t have selected a better candidate.  What is powerful about the piece that Slow Pitch submitted to F3Nation is not necessarily his story but that the men of F3Omaha were all represented because of the impact they had on Slow Pitch to help write his story.  A group project if you will. 

Men are reading Freed To Lead, identifying perhaps what they are feeling, experiencing, living and can start to put thought into words and words into action.  True movement into become the best version of yourself in order to give back to others and our community.  Which by the way is part of our mission statement and that too has not changed from version to two if you were wondering.  Continue to bring your spirit when you step foot in the gloom, communicate with your loved ones how you can live this journey together, and then go out and kick some ass!   

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead!


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