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PAX (5): Spreadsheet, Side Dish, Bovine,Delilah, Waffle House

Q: Waffle House

The beat down began with F3Bloodshot sharing his wisdom in the Gallup lot.  An early exit from the Veterans Day Ruck set him off to practice with his family.  As the PAX gathered, YHC wasn’t positive that a Canyon beatdown was the only thing on their mind. With the disclaimer, 5 core principles, and a note to logistics of the day, “the festivities will commence with a parade” (Warm-O-Rama).


-SSH- 15IC

-cherry pickers- 15IC

-sun gods- 10IC (forward, backward)

-Tappy Taps- 15IC

The Pre-Thang:

    In a tribute to @F3_OSCARMIKE we started with a simple ladder.  For every car in the lot, do an additional merkin while your partner reins down with Bobby Hurleys.  Competitive asperities burst in. A one – nil score set the stage for further pursuits later in the beatdown.


“3 walls” 

Station #1 -5xMerkins -Wall sits

Station #2 -5xAir squats -Incline merkins 

Station #3 -5xMonkey humpers -Dry docks 

“The Dock”

High knees x15IC

Dying cockroaches x15IC

Big boys x15IC

Belly breathing x5x5

“Race the rail” to the burpee- Score! “One – One” 

“Lunge up the hill”  -Turkish get ups x5

Mosey, mumble chatter, circle back for the 6.


-Sweat angels 15IC

-Heels to heaven 15IC

-American Hammer- 0

Count off -Name-o-Rama – Announcements: Side Dish Superstar!  -TAP: Shared and Silent

COT:  “It’s not the smartest, not the strongest, but those who are the most adaptable that survive.”  With mixed feelings YHC recounted how these thoughts were banging around his head.

Aye! -Waffle House

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