11/13/2021: The Oracle BackBlast, 28 degrees, 74 % Humidity and Beautiful Sunshine

PAX:  Gunner, Straight Flush, Mother Goose, Cheap Seats, Room Service, Tugboat, Diablo, Cataracts, Dogecoin, Hei Hei, Poseidon

QIC: Vandelay 

Gunner had done a number on us during the 6 AM Oracle Session and although a great time, it gave me pause to consider a 10-minute rest session to start 7 AM.  There were several of us that were doubling up this morning, but ultimately, I decided that would be unfair to friends just arriving at 7.  So, we pressed on to begin after only your standard 10 count.

I relayed the standard Mission, 5 Core Principles, checked for FNGs, and reminded all that I have no idea what I am doing so they should modify if needed. Then we moseyed south toward the parking lot at the end of the Boulevard.


SSH 30 IC → Windmills 15 IC → Weed Pickers 15 IC – nice and slow to feel the burn → Cherry Pickers 20 IC→ Sun Gods – 10 F, 10R 

At conclusion of exercises, we lined up at edge of Boulevard.  From here we sprinted to 4th light pole and then jogged the rest of the way.  Completed 20 Merkins.  Then repeated back to where we started.


Here I enacted one of my favorites, although I was considering whether this was a good idea after enduring Gunner’s Motivator session earlier.

Bolt 45’s squats:  Run through twice

From Up to half →15 on the down

From Half to down →15 on the down

Jump Squats →15 on the Up

After a 10 count one more round was added for good measure and to get the full 45 of each.

30 Calf Raises.  10 with toes forward, 10 out, 10 in.

The Thang 

This Thang consisted of four stations- each focusing on a particular area of muscle development. The PAX was divided into 2 groups.  Each group completed each workout togetherbefore running to the next station.  Stations were on different levels of the hill so there was some climbing and descending.  While climbing the group needed to run backwards.  During the Thang, I appreciated Room Service’s observation of the Throwback nature of the work out.  He was correct, in that critical portions were recycles from one of my first Qs nearly 3 years ago. Some things never go out of style.

Station 1: Chest- Arms• Merkins 15• Mountain Climbers 15 IC• Werkins 15• Peter Parkers 15 IC• Plank Jacks 15 IC

Station 2: Foundation• Lunges 12L/ 12R• Smurf Jacks 15 IC• Jump Tucks 12 on the up• Bobby Hurleys 15 on the Down

Station 3: Arms• Cherry pickers 15 IC• Chinooks with Vert Pickle Pushers 15 IC• Sun Gods 12F and 12 R IC• Seal Claps 15• OH Claps 15

Station 4: Core• Freddie Mercuries 15 IC• Big Boys 10• Plank 30CT• Low Dolly 15 IC• Crab Humpers 15 IC


After the Thang we opened things up with a spring the length of the Boulevard and then some Bernie Sanders back.


Box Cutters 15 IC → E2K 20 IC → Heel Touches 15 IC →Circle of Hammer (10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest 10 hammer IC) 

Count-A-Rama and Name-A-Rama ensued without incident- see list above.  

Announcements & Prayers:• Turkey Trot info on Slack• I think I am missing one here – but check Slack for upcoming attractions.

Prayer requests for:• None were requested so I offered for silent thoughts in our hearts.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

I wanted to offer some thoughts I had regarding a quote I read earlier in the week.  

“The world is drowning in information but lacking in Wisdom.

After a number of conversations I have had recently and observing people’s behaviors and thoughts related to decisions they are making or not making- this thought really struck me.  Regardless of the topic- and I won’t address any one in particular- what this is really about is the mindset people have.   I might also add to it, that in addition to Wisdom, there really needs to be more practical application of critical thinking in our world.  Regardless of people’s feelings about their rights, opinions, responsibilities, I think we could all be better served by really understanding information we are taking in and deciding whether it is useful for humankind or self-serving toward my own thoughts. Selfishness is breeding.  Having a wider ear to Wisdom is probably better for us all than more open eyes to endless information.

YHC closed in prayer.

Always a privilege to spend my Saturday mornings with the HIM of F3Omaha.



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