11/12/2021 The Armory

31 degrees, as windy as can be, and super dark.  I got up extremely early to make the jaunt to the furthest west, and newest AO.  While I wasn’t feeling a freezing morning, I remembered that it’s about more than me, which kicked me into gear.

I pulled up to the lot, saw some vehicles already parked and knew there would be a strong showing.  Griswold, my BFF, showed up a smidge early and helped me set up.

PAX (22) Short Sale, Gator, Griswold, Roll Bar, Tonight Show, Blades of Glory, Barn Door, Mr. Miyagi, Fine Print, Lincoln Logs (respect, respect), Truly, Obi Wann, Yogi, Slap Shot, Slow Clap (respect), Sasquash, Thor, Gump, Mufasa, Tee Ball, Escobar, and YHC- Wide Right.


Warm-O-Rama and Pre-Thang (Yes I combined the two)(FREED TO LEAD)


20 SSH’s IC

20 Pickle Pushers IC

20 Oh Yeah’s


20 SSH’s IC

20 Merkins

20 Tempo Merkins IC


20 SSH’s IC

30 Air Squats

30 Sumo Squats IC


20 SSH’s IC

20 Frozen Freddies IC

20 Heels to Heaven


20 SSH’s IC

20 Werkins

30 Alternating Lunges (15 each)

30 LBC’s IC


Little mosey to the field across the bridge…



Sprint 10 yards, 1 burpee and sprint back.  Sprint 20 yards 2 burpees and sprint back.  Sprint to 30 yards line 3 burpees and sprint back to relieve your partner.  DORA exercises:

250 Merkins

250 Big Boy Sit-ups

250 Air Squats


No time for Mary this morning…which is a good thing because I was absolutely pooped after the Doracides.  We did a brief count off to get our numbers right.  Tee Ball had previously touched base about passing along the Nugent Flag to a member of the PAX and I was, of course, ALL in.  He selected Lincoln Logs, who I later got to know, and Tee Ball hit it right on the head.  The dude posts regularly at his age, kicks ass, and is the epitome of a HIM.  Happy to be in the presence of the flag, but even happier to watch two HIMs exchange it.  


To put it briefly, change, albeit tough, does not mean it’s bad.  For more details, reach out to me.  Some news to share.

Humbly yours,

Wide Right

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The Armory

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