AO:  The Trident | November 9th, 2021 | Perfect

Q: Griswold

PAX: LPC, Chiclets (Respect), Roadhouse, Convoy, Doggie Paddle, Mother Goose, Hard Hat, Lite Brite, FNG Sideout, Armbar, FNG Tebow, Griswold

Pre-Runners: Chiclets, Jean Claude, Armbar, Lite Brite, Hard Hat, Griswold

Pulled up about 4:51am to set up a couple lights and to help my brother Hard Hat unload some coupons.  He was running late, so we started the pre-run without him and met up with him later.  Shoutout to Lite Brite, dudes crushing pre-runs a few times a week now. 

5:30am – I keep getting lucky, I should play the lottery.  Had two FNG’s today.  They later became known as Sideout and Tebow.  Welcomed the PAX to F3, introduced myself.  Went through mission statement and core principles.  Also made sure I was clear, that I was not a professional and to modify as necessary.

WOR:  We moseyed to the roundabout to the east and circled up to get some work in.  15 IC SSH, 10 IC Tappy Taps, 10 IC Big Ones, 15 IC Cherry Pickers, 15 IC Imperial Walkers, 20 merkins on down.

No Pre-thang today.

Thang:  I did something today I haven’t explored yet, and that was implementing some coupons into the workout.  We circled up and counted off in 2’s.  Group one was going to be the coupon ( push group ) and group 2 was set up at the entrance to the parking garage.  Group 1:  20 Thrusters, then rifle carry the coupon 25yds to the other side.  10 Blockees, then 20 Overhead presses, then Rifle carry the coupon back to the other side then push to group 2.  Group 2 had the following exercises suggested.  25 Jump squats, 20 monkey humpers, 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 werkins, 30 sec plank hold.  Rinse and repeat.  We got through almost 3 rounds of this.  Armbar notified me of an FNG showing up today possibly that didn’t care for running and asked if there would be lots of it today.  I assured him no there wouldn’t be.  I messed that up and what I thought was a short mosey, was longer than anticipated.  Either way, the new guys crushed it today.

MARY: American hammers rancid style

Named two FNGs.  Sideout was a volleyball player so that had some good ones but landed on sideout as a good name.  Tebow was super easy.  He played TE in football and was a broncos fan.  Shoutout to mother goose for going 2 for 2 on names.

Announcements/Prayer requests: Veterans day ruck, Thankful trot, Prayers for Uncle Ray and Convoy and Roadhouse have a wedding coming up and they’ll likely be hungover.

CoT: Today was all about quieting the mind and stripping ones ego.  Ever since I started jiu jitsu, I had the ego beaten out of me and it’s been one of the most important changes in my life.  I’m more open and accepting of others.  I also tend to celebrate others achievements more than my own.  Men tend to have a lot of things on their minds that aren’t spoken about.  Examples: what car you drive, how much money you make, body image, diet, are you a good spouse or a good father, do you have enough money to retire on and so on. In the quest to find ones true self, quieting your mind and stripping the ego is essential.  Great analogy from Eckhart Tolle: Imagine your true self as the sky, and the clouds are the thoughts and feelings we have.  The sky is timeless and never changes, however the clouds, much like thoughts and feelings come and go.  IMHO after a gnarly beatdown, I’ve been stripped of every wall in my body and mind and that was the point today.  I challenged the group to go out there and quiet their minds. 

Thanks for supporting me today and thank you for supporting the Trident.

Mother Goose led us out in prayer.



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