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Weather: 40°F, Dry


Chernobyl arrived early to set up the AO, with the help of High-Life bringing his barbells for the joy to come. Tony the Tiger walked over from the Sandlot pre-run complaining of obvious leg pain and to be fair, he was forced to run with, or ahead of, Trench so most definitely legitimate. 

5:30 Opening

The beatdown started promptly at 5:30 where we reviewed the pillars of F3 and our core principles. 

5:33 Warm-O-Rama. 

Shortly following, we began our Warm-O-Rama.- Big Ones x 10 IC- SSH x 20 IC- Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC- Alt. Parker Peters x 20

5:36 Pre-Thang

We then walked over to a grassy area with our dumbbells and enjoyed some Daft Punk. To be clear, They are a bunch of liars, since it was not just one more time, but several more times we had to do our renegade rows.- Get in Circle with Dumbbells. Renegade Rows to Daft Punk “ One More Time”, each time they say “One More Time.”

5:42 The Thang 

Once we completed too many rows, we broke into two groups and started a 5 area circuit. The PAX were introduced to “Table Thrusters” which consisted of lifting the short end of a large industrial table to chest height, squatting with the table and standing while lifting the table overhead in a standard thrusting pattern. Below is a breakdown of the circuit which we completed two and a half times.- Area 1 – (Monkey Bar Fun )20 Pull Ups, 10 Hanging Ab Crunches- Area 2 – (Dumbbell Fun) 20 Bicep Curls, 10 Arnold Press- Area 3 – (Coupon Fun)- 20 Sumo Squats w/ Coupon- 10 RDLs with Barbell & Coupons- Area 4 – (Table Fun) 20 Abyss Merkins, 10 “Table” Thrusters- Area 5 – (Ab Fun) 20 You-Call-It from the PAX

6:00 – Post Thang

We must have had some energy still left in the tank so we finished with a 1-minute wall sit and 30 chicken peckers.

6:05 Mary’s

We finished the beatdown with Coupon Slammers x 14 IC

6:10 – Name-O-Rama

6:11 Annoucements & Prayers

6:12 COT

The COT was centered out paying homage to our veterans, but alive and gone. Freedom is something many of us take for granted, yet the few defend it with their lives and their sacrifices from friends, family, and the pleasures we see on a daily basis. Chernobyl asked each of the PAX to find a veteran today and personally thank them for their service.

6:15 Sky-Q

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