Temp: 39° and crystal clear.

Pax: 23: Tin Cup, 2-Step, Armbruh, Stitches, Doll Face (Respect), DOME (hate), Mac N’ Cheese (hate), Sportiva, Gunner, Othello, Grease Fire, Vandelay (Respect), Side Dish (hate), Bovine, Jeeves, Mmm’Kay(FNG Welcome!), Retweet, Ratchet(FNG Welcome!), Slow Piiiiiiiiiiiiiithcaaaaaaah, Spreadsheet (hate), Demogorgon.

Q’s: Frosty and U-Haul

[0530] 1-2min

The Opener: “Happy Veterans Day.” Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, the Credo, and the disclaimer. 2 FNG’s! Welcome Dave and Aaron!


[0532] Mosey: to the circle around the Flag.

[0534]Warm – a – rama: (1-2min)

12-SSH (IC)

12-Tappy Taps (IC)

[0536] Pre-Thang: (6 min) AROUND THE WORLD

Grab a buddy. Decide who’s A and who’s B. Pair up with another pair, so there’ll be 4 in the group total. Now choose a section of Wall as your starting point. On the word EXERCISE, the pair of “A’s” sprint down to to circle around the flag and do a Lunge Walk POINTING TO THE FUTURE when you lunge around until relieved by the “B’s”. Meanwhile the “B’s” begin to move through “CAP” on your first wall in reps of 10. Once you finish with your first set of 10, sprint to relieve A’s and A’s will run to the next section of wall to the right and move around the circle doing your set of 10. Keep moving around the walls as a team, until you get back to where you began.


10 Chicken Peckers (IC)

10 Australian Mountain Climbers (IC)

10 People’s Chair / Wall sit with an Overhead Claps (IC)

[0542]Chain Run (4 min) down to bottom of the hill in two lines.


[0546]The Thang:(20 min) LOOKING UP THE HILL

Now that we were at the bottom of the hill, it was time to run back up to the landing and move from cone to cone performing one exercise at each cone. They were from the top down..

Cone 1 – 50 Squats,

Cone 2 – 40 LBC’s,

Cone 3 – 30 Merkins,

Cone 4 – 20 Squat Jumps,

Cone 5 – 10 American Hammers

Then mosey back up to the landing to Rinse and Repeat.

[0606]OMAHA! Collected cones and Mosey to Shovel Flags

[0610]Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, Named FNG’s Ratchet and M’Kay.


Mac N’ Cheese: Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot – 0500 10k, 0515 Clydesdale 5k, 0600 Beatdown, Coffee and Burritos on Site.

Frosty: The Rabbit Hole this Sunday is brought to you by The Farm at 0700.

Mac N’ Cheese: Donations for Turkey Trot Merch for $20,$50, and $65 are being collected by Tubesocks and all proceeds go to the school.


Jeeves: Brothers that are at home right now and cannot post.

Othello: For the female identifying theatre professionals who are struggling due to a recent court battle.

COT: (U-Haul)

One of my earliest memories exists quite vividly in my mind of my family and I sitting on metal bleachers watching a Military Plane land on the runway in front of us and the cockpit suddenly bursting into flames before it came to a complete stop. Chaos ensued as many family’s ran from the bleachers, away from plane for fear of what would happen next. There were people who ran toward the flames and subsequent explosions. We were not one of them.

I grew up in a Military family and on Army bases around the world because my father was an Army Chaplin. Just about every Sunday that he went, I would help my father with the church services as an alter boy down on base at the church right by the barracks. He was holding services for the young men and women going through boot camp.

My father would always refer to them as “kids” and would share private stories with my mother how this young “kid” would come up to him in need of help or counseling before they were deployed. Overhearing these conversations and I remember thinking as a 13-14 year old boy “Kids?? These are not “KIDS!” they’re at least 17-18 years old. They are definitely not KIDS!” Only much later did I understand what deployment for meant for them and after failing to see the same faces come back to the church they once so humbly entered, did I have the slightest clue of the gravity of sacrifice these young people, these “KIDS”, were just beginning to make. They were preparing their souls for the storm. They were preparing to run towards the fire. Home of the Brave.

To all the Veterans of the Armed Forces, past, present, and future, today we remember you and your dedication to the nation and the people you love.    

Anyone here who is not a Veteran, please take one resolute step back.

To DollFace and Gunner-Thank you so much for serving our country the way you did and your help to keep us free. We are proud to be your brothers. You may not think of yourself like this but to us, you really are our heros. Thank you. Aye.

Sky-Q, Today we honor our veterans, worthy men and women who gave their best when they were called upon to serve and protect their country.

We pray that you will bless them for their unselfish service in the continual struggle to preserve our freedoms, our safety, and our country’s heritage, for all of us.

We respect them, we thank them, we honor them, we are proud of them. We pray that you will watch over these special people and bless them with peace and happiness. Also keep a watch over … and protect them as they move through this time in our lives. Amen.

Aye! Frosty and U-Haul.

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