November 10, 2021 / Heavy Metal / 5:30 a.m. / Stinson Park

PAX (15): Space Bar, E85, Beta Max, Wentworth, Doll Face, Othello, Golden Pike, U-Haul, Hipster, Samples, Bloodshot, Sportiva, Brazilian, Folsom, and Spreadsheet

QIC: Spreadsheet

I arrived at 5:00 a.m. just as the pre-runners had taken off (Spacebar, Samples, Golden Pike). I grabbed the Coupon from the back of my car and set it just off the rubbery surface next to the playground. I then planted the Canyon flag and waited for the PAX to arrive.

As the PAX started to arrive, there was lots of mumble chatter referring to the Coupon sitting on its own.

YHC greeted the PAX and stated the 3 F’s, Core Principles, and Mission Statement. YHC stated that he was not a professional and to modify as needed.

What’s Warm-a-Rama? YHC led the PAX for a lap around the park and stopped at the benches on the East end of the park. The PAX did 20 dips and 20 step ups and then moseyed back to our weights.

Once back at the weights the Q explained that he had a list of exercises that the PAX would perform AMRAP style while 2 members ran the Coupon to the Obelisk and back. The 2 members were told that they were free to carry the Coupon however they wanted and could split the responsibility how they’d like but the only rule was they had to go to the Obelisk and back.

The Exercises performed while the Coupon was carried were as follows:

  1. Goblet Squats
  2. Curls
  3. Tricep Extensions
  4. Arnold Press
  5. Skull Crushers
  6. Bench Press
  7. Upright Row
  8. Merkins
  9. Shoulder Press
  10. Bench Fly
  11. Cherry Pickers
  12. Plank

YHC may have underestimated the number of reps we would perform for each of these exercises as the Coupon Carriers went to the obelisk and back. As the workout continued it became clear the PAX was grumbling a little bit of hate my way that had nothing to do with my age. The PAX completed exercises 1 through 12 and then started a rinse and repeat. On the 2nd go around, YHC called an audible multiple times and called for Al Gore’s until the Carriers return. BetaMax at one point mentioned that the Cherry Pickers may have been much harder during this workout compared to the usual. Since there was an odd number of PAX the partners already established would get messed up once the last guy ran. I happened to be the last guy and I took off with the coupon. In the confusion and maybe because I ran so fast (not) I got to the Obelisk and turned around to see not only 1 but 2 PAX running my way. This will become a more important detail later. Thanks Othello and U-Haul. Just before the PAX completed going around the circle YHC called Omaha.


20 Big Boys

Rancid Style Hammers


Announcements and Prayers


YHC started out by joking that the workout had a theme and it wasn’t about doing so many reps that you feel your arms are going to fall off. The theme had to do with the Coupon and carrying it with a partner. The last month for me has honestly been pretty shitty. Losing our Brother Nugent and then my Grandfather within a couple weeks of one another has taken a toll on me mentally and I’m still working on getting my head back on straight. Emotionally, I’m carrying a coupon of sorts but what I am grateful for is that I have F3 Omaha as my partner to help carry that coupon. I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without the HIM of Omaha. I want to thank the HIM that have reached out over the last few weeks, the prayer requests, and even the post workout sweaty hugs. I am grateful and appreciative for the love I have felt that helps carry the weight. Carrying a coupon sucks either way but having individuals help with the load is a helluva lot better than facing it alone.

Thank you F3 Omaha.



Wentworth led us out in prayer

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