10 November 2021 / Top Rope / 5:30 a.m. / Aldrich Elementary/ 48 degrees / Wind E 5 mph / 76% humidity / Cloudy

PRE-RUNNERS (4): Barn Door, Cheap Seats, Blades of Glory, and Gator. (We missed Fine Print by a few minutes – guy has been crushing these pre-runs lately).


PAX (20): TheraBand, Supafly, Cheap Seats, Wait Time (respect), Patton (respect), Doppler, Free Lunch, Blades of Glory, Fine Print, Beaver, LPC, Yogi, Mother Goose, Cradle, Ketchup, Speed Square, Barn Door, Obi Wan, Rollbar, andGator.

QIC: Gator

I arrived 4:40 a.m. to set up lights, cones, and clipboards. I decided not to turn the lights on yet. More on that later… Cheap Seats led us on the “Old Oracle” pre-run route – it was just as I remembered it (uff da!).

We returned to see a nice crowd gather around the Shovel Flags.


The Q stated the following, but not in this order:

Welcome to F3. This is Top Rope- F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith- Five core principles: 1) Free of Charge 2) Open to All Men 3) Always Outside 4) Peer Led in a Rotating Fashion and 5) End in COT

Mission Statement: Plant, grow, and serve, small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

Credo: Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him

I am not a professional. Exercise at your own risk.

Any Friendly New Guys, aka, FNGs? None.

Today, we will be celebrating the 246th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, 10 November 1775- That means Burpee Trivia for all things USMC. Burpees for incorrect answers, Bobby Hurleys for correct answers.

Any current or former members of the U.S. military? – Names and branch:

Doppler, Air Force


Yogi, USMC

Patton (respect), USMC

Thank you all for your service.


Question #1:


What year was the USMC birthday first formally recognized?


This answer was right on the tip of Patton’s tongue – he knew the name of the General that ordered it, but was not exactly sure of the year. 




1921. The birthday itself was formally recognized at the behest of Major General John Lejeune.


Burpees x 5


Then we mosyed to the parking lot across the street for warm-a-rama




We did reps of 21 for the 21 USMC infantry battalions 


SSH x 21 IC


Cherry Pickers x 21 IC


Tappy Taps x 21 IC 


High Knees x 21 IC


Mosey to the basketball court


The Pre-Thang:  2 Minute Drills


The Q explained we would do fitness-test style exercises for the pre-thang (Check out the Apex for the real thing!).

First, we did AMRAP merkins for 2 minutes, with a goal of 100

T-Claps to Doppler and Mother Goose for hitting +100!

Second, we did AMRAP Big Boys for 2 minutes, with a goal of 72

T-Claps to Rollbar for a whopping 93 situps!

Third, we did the People’s Chair for 2 minutes

And last, we all held plank for 2 minutes

Some solid mumble chatter had begun and it was time for the next question.


Question #2:


Who is the first and only Marine to be given a promotion after he retired from the USMC?


Patton was again right on top of this one and just needed a moment to think of his name. It sounded like he and Yogi simultaneously yelled the correct answer.




R. Lee Ermey. He held the rank of Staff Sergeant when he retired. In 2002, he was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, which is the rank of the character he famously played in the movie, “Full Metal Jacket.”


Nice job, Marines.


Bobby Hurleys x 5


We moseyed to the field for the Thang. But first, the Q had to play a short game of “Find the Clipboards” With the lights on, we did


The Thang: “Hey Doppler! I’m coming!”


PAX counted off into groups of three. 3s lined up on the sidewalk facing the field. 2s were the runners. 1s on the far side of the field. AMRAP exercises on each side. The runner starts with the 3s and sprints across the field. Then stops in the middle to do 5 burpees. Then pushes the 1s. No counting – just mumble chatter, as we did:


Sidewalk Exercises: AMRAP 2nd F style


Air Squats

Bonnie Blairs

Little Baby Dips

Jump Squats

Monkey Humpers


Field exercises: AMRAP 2nd F style



Carolina Drydocks

Mountain Climbers 

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Makhtar Ndiaye’s


It had been too long since I had a chance to catch up with Beaver. Look for his VQ coming soon! I’m always glad to see Fine Print in the gloom, but was particularly happy because he was our relief partner. Yogi was gracious in sharing with me some of the details of his service as a Marine – this guy is a HIM!


Then I started to notice that Speed Square – with a bright orange cap, a brighter head lamp, and the brightest of smiles – was saying once every minute or so, “Hey Doppler! I’m coming!” This quickly became the refrain of the PAX and the peer-chosen moniker for the backblast. About 30 burpees later, the Q was gassed and called “Omaha!” with the last bit of air he had. After a ten count, we did the last trivia question:


Question #3:


In 1805, the Marines had their first battle on foreign soil. Name the country.


Yogi was all over this one and we were all grateful to avoid more burpees!




Libya. The Battle of Derna was a decisive US victory in the First Barbary War. It was the first of many occasions where pirates learned not to mess with Marines.


Bobby Hurley’s x 5


Staying on the field, we got ready for Mary… (the Q has a “No-Mary-On-The-Gnarly-As-All-Get-Out-Basketball-Court-At-Aldrich Rule).




Beast Mode

​10 Count from 3 PAX

Alt. Knee Taps x 20 IC

​Immediately move to


10 Count from 3 PAX

Gator spears x 20 IC (right side, left side)

​Immediately move to


​10 Count from 3 PAX

Gator Tails x 20 IC



Count Off and Name-O-Rama


20 PAX, including 3 Marines that were willing to let the Q take their picture. Oorah!


Announcements and Prayers

– Patton wished the Corps a Happy Birthday and reminded us that Veteran’s Day is tomorrow.

– Doppler let us know about the Veteran’s Day Ruck this Saturday. Check Slack or message him for details. Also, the time is now to get your Top Rope gear – great logo!

-Sign up for the Turkey Trot. Sign up sheet on Twitter and Slack. LPC correctly noted that Pantyhose and Tubesocks generally cover the same appendages, but that only Tubesocks would take donations and shirt/hoodie orders for the Turkey Trot.

Wait Time let us know that Patton will be Q’ing the Respect Pop-Up next Thursday at the Paradise AO location. Open to all men, but if you are 49 or younger you must bring a 50+ FNG to gain admittance.

I was so glad to see Speed Square walk up to the circle with the Nugent Flag. I was honored to carry it over the weekend, and it was my privilege to see it passed consecutively since November 4th(Maize, Armory, Oracle, Redwings, Wild Kingdom, and now Top Rope). Yogi received the Nugent Flag with some great words from Speed Square.




In thinking about the USMC birthday, I immediately thought of my grandfather, USMC Capt. George Gavan Michael Duffy. He fought during WWII in the Pacific theater. He returned home, met and married my grandmother. My father was their only child. Captain Duffy later volunteered to serve during the Korean War. Before he was sent overseas, he died during a flight training exercise in 1952. 


My grandfather is just one of many Marines that have given their lives for this country since 1775. In honor of all Marines, I wanted to share the citation issued following his death:


The President of the United States takes pride presenting the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS posthumously to





For service as set forth in the following:


“For heroism and extraordinary achievement in aerial flight as Pilot of a Fighter Plane in Marine Fighter Squadron, THREE HUNDRED THIRTEEN, during a training flight in the vicinity of Mamaroneck, New York on 11 June 1952. Compelled to carry out a forced landing as a result of engine failure, Captain Duffy unhesitatingly elected to pilot his plane away from a heavily populated area when the opportunity to effectan emergency water landing involved the risk of flying over a congested district. Confronted with several people directly within his flight path while attempting to land on a golf course, he deliberately veered out of line to avoid hitting the golfers and crashed into a tree. By his outstanding courage and unyielding spirit of self-sacrifice, Captain Duffy undoubtedly saved many persons from certain death. His heroic actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for others.”


For the President

Dan A. Kimball

Secretary of the Navy


Today, for all the Marines, we honor your service and your sacrifice. Happy 246th Birthday, Marines.




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