Temp: 45° and partly Gloomy.

Smurphers: 4 – Stitches, Demogorgon, Bovine, U-Haul.

Pax: 15 – Bovine, Jeeves, Hoser, Rooster, Patton (Respect), Demogorgon, Mac N’ Cheese (Hate!), Side Dish (Hate!), Gunner, Retweet, Doll Face (Respect), DOME (Hate!), Othello, and

QIC: U-Haul.

[0530] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Today is Ironwood’s Day! Presented the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s. The Credo. Let’s move!

[0532] Mosey to the J.E. George and Chicago Cul-de-sac and waited for SIX to be in and then said “It is not about whether you win or lose. It’s if you accept the challenge.” Then go halfway up the hill to the parking lot on the left.

[0535]Warm-a-rama (2 min)


12-Tappy Taps(IC)

12-Big Ones(IC)

20-Sun Gods(IC)

12-Sit Thrus(IC)

[0540]Mosey to the side of school

Pre-thang (6-8 min) “I’ll See Ya When I See Ya.” Modified from a Doppler beatdown. #Boop. Pick a partner and run around the school in opposite directions. When you meet up, do 8 Burpees, (for the 8 weeks YHC was gone) and then keep circling until the next time you meet and do then 7 Burpees and run around. Continue counting down and running around.

[0547] Circled up at the stairs.

The Thang (15-20 min) Push Groups/Stations on the grounds.

Count off in groups of 4. Push Stations. Each group starts at the corresponding station. Station 1 is the push group with 8 pull-ups or 30 sec Dead Hang. At other stations, you will move through the exercises on the sheet in either 15 or 20 reps. It’s on the sheet. If you are pushed before you are finished, return to that spot and continue through the sheet. Rinse and Repeat until Omaha.

Station 1: Push Station

8 pull-ups OR 30 sec dead hang.

Stay together.

Station 2 (sets of 20): Out in the Field.

– (D) Jump Squats

– (IC) Monkey Humpers

– (D) Squats

– (IC) High Knees

– (D) Bobby Hurley’s

– (IC) Sumo Squats

 Rinse and Repeat

Station 3 (sets of 20): To the stairs.

– (D) Derkins,

– (D) Dips 

— (D) Merkins

– (D) Carolina Dry Docks

– (U) Overhead Claps

Rinse and Repeat

Station 4. (sets of 15 reps):

– (IC) LBC’s

– (U) Big Boys

– (IC) Flutter Kicks

– (IC) Freddy Mercury’s

– (IC) Gas Pumpers

Rinse and Repeat

[0605] Omaha call. Mosey back to Shovel Flags. 

No Mary

[0610] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,


Demogorgon : D&D for Donations, check Slack for details

Mac N’ Cheese :Thanksgiving day – Turkey Trot – at all Thursday Sites during that week

Thank you to Tube Socks shirt and hoodie design, check Slack for details

Patton: Nemo Lettered Varsity in Track!

Doppler: Sat Veterans Ruck 8-10 miles 3 hours, check Slack for details

Jeeves: Reachouts mean a lot.

Patton: D3, Divorced Dad who Drinks, check Slack for details if applicable to you


Patton: Bill and Craig support

Mac N’Cheese:M, Maggie, interview

Jeeves: Job offer

COT:It was ironwood that only the bravest woodsmen dared go after it” -Stephen King The Wind through the Keyhole

First and Foremost. Thank you to those of you who came out to this site for a beatdown, who came Monday after Monday, who Q’d here, who will Q here, again, who showed up for Smurphs, Beatdowns, and Murphs. For Dollface for firing up the Ironwood Twitter-verse, For Othello for planting the shovel flag every Monday, but mostly for the reachouts that I got from you all when I did. Your check-ins and well wishes. I need you all to know your reachouts helped anchor my spirit when my ship was lost at sea.

On the drive back, I was listening to the autobiography Greenlights by Matthew McConaghey. About mid-career, he went to Africa and stayed at a village called Bandiagara. While living in the village, he told people he was a writer and boxer. Now no one cared that he was a writer, but when the people of Bandiagara heard he was a boxer by profession, it wasn’t long before he was challenged by the champion wrestler of the village. The much larger wrestler named Michel, shirtless, walked up to him, pointed at his chest, then to his own, then off to the right. To a big dirt pit where people of the village already began to gather. That is when he heard his own voice whisper in his ear “Take the challenge or you will forever regret not knowing. Leave your scent.” At the end of the match, the actor was tore up but never having gave up, and the chief of the village/referee held up both their hands. And the crowd, which at this point included the entirety of the village, began chanting Matthew’s name.

Matthew later checked in with his guide and translator, named Issa, and said “So I won? That’s why the village all chanted my name afterward?”

Issa replyed, “It’s not about win or lose, it is about do you accept the challenge. When you did that, you already won.”

You all already know that I was not sure why I was supposed to go VA in the first place. Getting back on stage after two years and career pivot, felt like learning how to walk and talk all over again. Except this time, I was doing it in front of mentors and colleague that I had not seen in 10 years. Rife with humility, I questioned why I was there for the duration of my time and constantly asked myself. Am I succeeding? Did I win today? Am I serving the audience something worthy of their time. I don’t know, but Every day I showed up, ready. And Every day I felt like I got knocked down. And every day I accepted the challenge.

While I was gone, I received more reachouts and check-ins from F3 guys than anyone else I know. Thank you. Thank you guys for sending me off with well wishes and happy birthdays. For the care of the site and for the welcoming me back so warmly.

Thank you to all you guys for helping me up when I got knocked down.

Sky-Q, thank you for this day, Help us to accept the challenge. To be present with the time comes. And to lift each other up without waiting any longer. Today is the day. Today is the day. Aye!


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