The Woodshed / 05 Nov 2021

18 PAX: Pony Express, Patton, Gunner, Sportiva, Scoober, Capt Planet, Oompa, Sam’s Club, Tin Cup, OMT, Swiper, Thing 2, Tesla, FNG (Velcro), Honey Stinger, Earned it, Run-away

QIC: Doppler


On the mosey over to the field I tripped on a small crack in the concrete. Full disclosure: I went down like a sack of bricks. Luckily I am short, so the fall was pretty short. Only damage done was a small scrape on my knee, my hubris kept my pride safe.

SSH, Toe touches (to make sure my toe isn’t broken), Windmills, Tappy Taps


Monkey Humper March

10 x Monkey Humpers

10 lunges (travelling)

10 x R Leg Monkey Humpers

10 lunges (travelling)

10 x L Leg Monkey Humper

10 lunges (travelling)

10 x Gorilla Humpers

10 lunges (travelling)

10 x Chimp Pimpers

10 lunges (travelling)

10 X R Leg Monkey Lunges

10 lunges (travelling)

10 x L Leg Monkey Lunges

The Thang

On the run over to the thang we stopped at Creepy Corner and knocked out the 10 required Monkey Humpers while a car drove by then continued out run up to the stairs by soccer field.

3 man grinder

On the way up the stairs duck under the railing between each vertical bar.

Top of the Stairs:

1 Leg Burpees

Bottom of the Stairs:

Sumo Squats

Hydro Squats

One Leg Wall Sit

One Leg Wall Sit

Apollo Onos

Jump Squats

OMAHA is called at 600am

On the way back to the flags I realized we hardly hit arms so I decided to throw in a Steinel. But I blacked out from all the blood being in my legs and ended up having us do a wall sit Steinel instead.

Wall Sit 30 count

Right leg up 30 count

Left leg up 30 count

Arms up 10 x toe touches

Mary/Mini Mucho Chesto

10 Merkins

10 Big Boys

10 Diamond Merkins

10 box cutters

American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements and Prayers

Queen Service began this week and goes through the end of the year.

Impact retreat 6-8 January

Thankful Trot coming up, you can do them at each site on Thanksgiving Morning, $20 for t-Shirt $50 for a hoodie.

Project Pink’d is over 9k raised they are holding a special celebration at The Pit on 11/6

Veterans Day ruck is coming up., on 13 Nov. We will be collecting items for the Veterans homeless shelter, at all sites if you can’t make it over the next 2 weeks.

First Friday Lunch 1130 at Cunningham’s

Prayers for Bill and Charlie Patton’s neighbor dealing with early on-set dementia and Parkinson’s.


So this week I celebrated 1 year in F3, to do that I wanted to find a way to challenge myself. I tried to do a Q every day this week and managed to pull it off. I had a lot of fun and was able to spend time with lots of PAX I have met over the past year. To end my week I made it a point to Q at a site I rarely attend. The first year held so many surprises for me I wanted to make sure I continue to keep finding new challenges and turning over new stones in F3. I encourage everyone to build roots in F3 while also expanding their circle to meet other PAX around Omaha. Thanks for a great year, I am excited to see what new experiences F3 will lead me to in year 2.



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