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The Q welcomed the Pax at 0530, gave the Mission Statement, five core principles (out of order and forgot which one I missed (let in a rotating fashion)) and disclaimer. We moseyed over to the south east parking lot for…:


  • Tappy Taps x15 IC
  • Big Ones x10 IC
  • SSH  x20 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x20 IC


  • Broke Burp Mountain
    • Pair up.
    • 1 pax Bernie Sanders up the hill. Runs back down
    • other pax does exercises until pushed. Rotate between exercises after each rotation. Exercises consisted of: AMRAP burpees, AMRAP Huffy 10 Speeds
    • Pax flip roles


  • 7 of Diamonds
    • 7 burpees
    • 14 flutter kicks IC
    • 21 merkins
    • 28 squats
    • 21 boby hurleys
    • 14 LBCs IC
    • 7  ATMs
      • 7 Alt Shoulder Taps IC
      • 7 Temp Merkins IC
      • 7 Merkins
  • After each round, pax will run a lap!


  • Crunchy Frogs x20 IC
  • WWI sit-ups x20
  • Frozen Freddie’s x15 IC
  • Hammers Rancid Style


Be present.
So often, throughout any given day, I find myself not being present. Whether it be during work or at home hours, my mind is often elsewhere. My distraction are the typical ones: Phone and TV. The time I loose when I’m distracted is time I’ll never get back. And when I’m distracted around my M and 2.0s, I’m loosing out on chances to have conversations and make memories. Chances lost. My goal this week is to focus on being present during any given situation. Experience it… enjoy the moment. Whatever fault you might have, I encourage you to focus on solving that fault, own it and resolve it.


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